– Mexican is the perfect style for our bathroom especially if you love the old-world charm and prefer places that exude coziness. Do you ever imagine about have a bathroom that can make you relieve the stress after working all day long? If you ever, it is the ideal relaxing retreat after long tiring days. It encompasses warmth and romance at the same time with its bright colorful surroundings. Because of it, we can combine any concept that we want as long as it is related to the design. Today, we will give you some recommendations about Mexican tiles and hand-painted sinks that can be used in the Mexican bathroom.

7 Things To Pay Attention To Decorate Bathroom

As a functional room for people in our home, a bathroom is necessary to make it look beautiful by using safe decorations. We should make it have an aesthetic design and convenience in use. We can make it a relaxing and productive place because some people feel they can find new ideas and inspiration. If we have a plan to create a beautiful and comfortable bathroom, we should pay attention to several things. Now, we will give you 7 things that you should know.

Determine Realistic Budget And Timeline

Before starting to decorate our bathroom, we should determine a realistic budget and timeline as a first step. Determining how much budget that we need for decorating our bathroom according to our needs and desires. We can also pay attention to the timeline that we need while decorating it until finished. It can make us save more our budget and avoid us using it for the necessity that actually doesn’t important to buy.

Keep Furniture And Decorations That Can Still Be Used

If we will decorate our bathroom that was previously decorated, we should consider furniture and decorations that can still be used. We can save more on our expenses if we keep some furniture or decoration for reused in our new bathroom. To make a different impression from the previous bathroom, we should change the furniture and decoration position.

Adjusting The Size Of The Bathroom

When the size of the bathroom is not too big, installing a bathtub will only make it feel cramped. Actually, it is necessary to make it look beautiful with pretty furniture and decorations that we will add but we should consider the size of it. If we add big furniture and too much decoration, we can’t make it beautiful but it can look ugly and messy. We should pay attention to the size of it like a sink, bathtub, and other furniture. We can’t only attach importance to make it look pretty but also we should think of its functionality.

Choose Waterproof Materials And Strong Durability

This is the most important of other things that you have to pay attention to in this article. As a place that is always exposed to the water and wet for some time, choosing waterproof and strong materials of furniture is important. We should avoid using wooden or bamboo materials that will easily to weathered while exposing to water. Ceramic, natural stone, glass, or sometimes plastic always becomes the best materials for a bathroom. There are more waterproof and have long durability. We can also use waterproof paint to avoid molding due to moisture.

Adequate Lighting And Ventilation

We can have good ventilation and lighting by making a window in our bathroom. It can make us have enough lighting at noon that can save electricity consumption in the home. Natural lighting from the sun can easily come to our bathroom through the window. However, if we can’t install a window in our bathroom, we can make lighting according to our needs as long as it doesn’t make it look ugly. Don’t forget to install a fan exhaust as ventilation in a bathroom without installing a window.

Separation Of Wet And Dry Areas

For some people having a bathroom that is always wet every time is something annoying. If we feel it, we can separate the bath space from the toilet area. It can be made by using a curtain or a glass material then we can add them between the space that we want to separate.

Enough Storage Space

We certainly add something that we need in our bathroom and that’s why enough storage space is important to make. Make sure we have it, in order to organize our bathroom fixtures to make them look neat. We should add a cupboard or shelf to save clean towels, medicine, or make-up and skincare in our bathroom. By adding them, we can have all of our needs in one place at the same time.

Mexican Typical Tiles Recommendations

A Mexican typical tile has a beautiful design and pattern that looks unique because it won’t be found in any tiles design. A pattern comes from Mexico country and is called Talavera. The name is taken from the territory of Spain that teaches local people to create this pattern. Because of its popularity, international people know more about this tile comes from Mexico country. If we want to apply a Mexican interior design, we should use it to make our design look beautiful. We should know the characteristic of Mexican homes-style to make a stronger concept. This time, we will give you some recommendations to help you to choose it.

Many Pattern At The Same Time

Mexican typical tiles for a bathroom

Sometimes we want to have a space that has a thick culture of the country that can make us have unique and different characteristics. To create it, we should apply an interior design that has a culture from a country. A Mexican interior design is one of the styles that come from Mexico country that will make our room have a unique impression from others. We can start to apply it from our bathroom by applying a Talavera tile. There are many patterns that we can choose and we recommend you use a tile that has many patterns on it.

Same Color But Different Pattern

Same color but different pattern of Talavera
Talavera tiles in simple design

Using Talavera tiles is necessary if we want to apply a Mexican interior design. We can choose many colors and patterns at the same time. However, we can also choose the same color but different patterns like the picture above. Green colors from tiles can give us a fresh impression and look beautiful. This pattern also looks simple but pretty at the same time and it is suitable to apply in our Mexican bathroom. It is also preferred to add to the cabinet of the Mexican kitchen if we want to make variations in its decoration.

Color Combination

Color combination Talavera
Talavera tiles with a yellow color combination

Color combination always looks beautiful because it has many colors in one design that makes our bathroom feel aesthetic and prettier. We can combine yellow color with light brown and navy color to make an amazing look. If we make it, we should choose a simple pattern to make it doesn’t look used to too many decorations.

Hand Painted Sink Recommendations

Do you have created in art and always make a beautiful picture on a canvas? If you have it, we can create a hand-painted sink for our bathroom. We should buy a basic sink with white color and create a pattern by using colors that we want. It is suitable for people who are on a budget or only want to save their expenses. To give you inspiration, we will give you hand-painted sink pattern recommendations. Now, let’s get to the list!

Leaves Pattern On The Sink

Leaves pattern with many color
Leaves pattern on the sink

A natural impression is the main character of this sink design. We should create a leaves pattern by using different colors for each other to make it. This is very beautiful because it can make our bathroom have a stronger concept.

Floral pattern hand patterned sink
Floral pattern with green and white flowers

For you who want to make a feminine concept in the bathroom, we should make a floral pattern in the sink. We can create many flowers in one sink and paint it with many colors. We recommend you make white and green flowers where they can be combined with a dark blue color.

Blue and white color combination
Blue and white color combination hand-painted sink

Simple but beautiful is the main impression in this sink. We can create it if we want to make a feminine concept. We should make a combination by using white and blue colors to make it prettier. The flower pattern has a beautiful impression because it can make our bathroom looks pretty.


To apply a Mexican interior design in our bathroom, we should choose furniture and decoration that have a stronger accent of a Mexican accent. We can make our bathroom have a unique impression by using Talavera tiles and a hand-painted sink. Hopefully, by using or recommendation, we might help you to create a perfect Mexican bathroom.


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