– Do you ever imagine cooking on the beach or sea? Sounds impossible right? Except if we have our home on the beach, but it is not actually impossible to create it. Do you know there is an interior design that describes a view of the beach and gives an ocean atmosphere? If you ask me, of course, a nautical coastal is the answer for it. To apply this interior design, we should choose the right furniture that can be added to the design. The important thing to add for making a kitchen like our dream is a cabinet. Today we will give you some recommendations to choose a cabinet with many designs and shapes that you can choose.

What Is The Nautical Coastal Design?

A nautical coastal atmosphere or what is also known as the coastal reminds us of the beach scenery which can always be uplifting. Coastal life is usually synonymous with comfort and relaxation. The interior in this style wants to reflect that atmosphere. It is suitable for people who love the ocean and beach at the same time but don’t want to have a house near a beach.

What The Advantages That We Can Get?

  1. Suitable for hot climates
  2. Have soft and soothing color combinations
  3. It can be applied anywhere in our home
  4. Using natural materials
  5. Wide-open space concept
  6. Gives a clean and neat impression
  7. Looks beautiful with long durability

Blue Kitchen Cabinets Recommendations

As we discussed before, we will give you some cabinet recommendations to make you feel easier to apply this design. Now, let’s get to the list!

Nautical coastal interior design cabinet recommendations
Cabinet recommendations

This blue color is called Tiffany and it is still related to the nautical coastal design. The color looks like green but actually, this is one of the blue color types. We can choose it if we want to make a different concept and color. We can also add it to our kitchen because it can make our design have a stronger concept than using any color.

Nautical coastal interior design cabinets
Space color cabinets

If we don’t want to add a Tiffany color to our home and want to add dark color cabinets, we can choose a Space color. It is a combination of blue and navy color but a little bit darker than it. It looks like grey and black but actually, it is one of the blue color types but darker than any type. If we want to apply a nautical coastal interior design by using dark color furniture, we should choose it.

Nautical coastal cabinets design
Royal cabinet color

One more blue color which has a combination with green color is called Prussian. This looks like Tiffany but darker than it. If we choose a cabinet in Prussian color, we can still have a nautical coastal design in our home. It can also make us have a different atmosphere from any kitchen in nautical coastal interior design. This furniture color can be combined with a nautical dining room that can make our home look impressive.

Turkish blue cabinets
We can add Airforce blue cabinets

An Airforce cabinet can be added to our kitchen if we want to apply a nautical coastal interior design to it. It has a blue color with a shabby accent that makes it looks unique and has a special characteristic to our kitchen. It also gives us a unique impression that won’t be found in any cabinet design. We can add it if we want to make a kitchen that is related to the ocean, beach, and sea.

Sky blue color kitchen cabinet
A sky blue kitchen cabinet can be added to our kitchen

We can apply a stronger nautical coastal design by adding a sky blue cabinet to our kitchen. This would be related to the ocean, sky, and water that can make us always remember them during cooking in the kitchen. It can be combined with marble tiles or any materials that we can choose as long as it is related to it. However, it is suitable for wooden tiles and furniture that can make our kitchen have a stronger design. If we want to apply a perfect design we should know more about modern nautical coastal design.

Other Furniture Color Recommendations

Besides a blue color that is related to the ocean, we can also add any cabinet color for our kitchen. Our recommendation is a cabinet that is still related to the design that we can add to it. Now, let’s get to the list!

A white kitchen cabinet
A white kitchen cabinet is related to the sea, ocean, and beach

We can choose any color besides blue as long as suitable for nautical coastal interior design. A white color cabinet is our recommendation for applying the design because it is related to the ocean, sea, and beach. This color can make us remember the sand on the beach or clouds in the sky that can make us feel relaxed while cooking in our kitchen.

Beige color is related to the nautical coastal interior design

For people who want to have a nautical coastal interior kitchen design, we can add a beige cabinet that is related to it. It can make us have an aesthetic concept because it tends to have it and close to the beach. If we want to make a different atmosphere, we can support the concept by adding a beige cabinet.

We can add a pink cabinet
A pink cabinet in the nautical coastal interior design

Who said pink color doesn’t relate to a nautical coastal design? Actually, we can add it to our kitchen. Besides, it can make a special concept in our kitchen, we can have a feminine atmosphere at the same time. We should add a pink pastel kitchen cabinet to make it look fascinating and unique looks.

A grey cabinet in the kitchen
A grey cabinet in a nautical coastal kitchen

Dark colors don’t always tend to black or dark blue colors. For people who want to have it without having a darker concept, a light grey kitchen cabinet is our recommendation. It is related to the design and doesn’t make it look bad because the color is still related to the ocean.


Blue kitchen cabinets are very preferred for people who want to have a nautical coastal kitchen design. We should add a blue cabinet if we want to apply it and have a stronger concept. We will help you to apply the design and create a kitchen as you want. Hopefully, by using our recommendations, we might help you to make it.


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