– For those of you who want to have a luxurious and elegant concept interior style, it means the modern victorian interior design is suitable for you. It has unique characteristics that won’t be found in any style. Generally, it consists of big furniture, the best quality of wooden furniture, a complicated pattern is usually found in modern victorian interior design. This interior is inspired by the queen Victorian style in the victorian era. Today, we will tell you everything to know more about this concept. Hopefully, we might help you to apply this one.

Things to Know About Modern Victorian Style Home Interior

  1. We have to know the characteristic of this design. Generally, modern victorian design tends to have bright colors, and some concepts also use dark colors. A textured wall is one of them and it can make our interior has a unique design.
  2. This design tends to have a luxurious and elegant concept because it is inspired by the queen Victorian style.
  3. We should know the decorations that are suitable for the design because it can affect our concept if we choose the wrong decorations.
  4. Modern Victorian interior design is related to a sofa with a complicated pattern and big size. It also always use a chandelier for making a room feel brighter.
  5. Every room has a different concept and doesn’t look monotonous. To make it have a nice outlook, we should know the decoration and furniture that we will add is suitable for it.

Interior Bathroom Decorations

Who wants to make their bathroom have an elegant concept and look luxurious? Some people certainly want to have it right? A modern victorian interior design is very suitable for you! But many people feel confused about how to add decorations that suitable for their bathroom. It is necessary to know because it can make our modern victorian bathroom look prettier if we add the right decorations. Now, we will give you some decoration recommendations for it.

Modern Victorian style bathroom decorations
Modern Victorian bathroom decorations

We can add a dark brown mirror with a unique pattern and combine it with a dark blue wall and floor to make the modern victorian concept feel stronger. If we have fresh flowers that are almost withered, we can dry them and make them as decorations. We can also create textured walls to make them have more characteristics of the design.

Modern Victorian bathroom
We can apply a flower wallpaper

A flower wallpaper can be applied in our bathroom to make it look enchanting and elegant at the same time. This wallpaper is very preferred for you who apply a modern victorian interior design to your bathroom if we want to have a different atmosphere than another concept. We can also add a shelf and many books as decorations.

Types Of Tiles That Suitable For Modern Victorian Kitchen

A floor types in our kitchen is give a lot of effect to our interior design that we will apply in our kitchen. Tiles selection is necessary to think because it can make our design look prettier if we choose the right tiles. We will give you types of tiles that are suitable for applying modern victorian kitchen design.

Modern Victorian kitchen design
Wooden tiles

Wooden tiles give a warm atmosphere to the kitchen and have long durability and it is suitable for any interior design. This is also easy to clean because has a material that doesn’t make a dirt stack on it.

Porcelain ivory tiles
A porcelain tile gives a luxurious atmosphere

To make our kitchen look fascinating, we can also apply porcelain tiles to our kitchen because it has an elegant design. It also has shiny looks that can make it have a better looking with a simple style.

Modern Victorian kitchen
Marble tiles for the kitchen

If we want to have more luxurious accents, a marble tile is our recommendation for you! It has an elegant design and has long durability that won’t be found in any tiles.

Decorations For Modern Victorian Living Room

A design can’t look better if we don’t add decorations to our room. But to choose a decoration, we have to know what type of it that suitable for our home interior design. This time, we will give you some recommendations about it.

Modern Victorian living room
Decorations recommendations for modern Victorian living room

To apply a modern victorian interior style that looks luxurious, we should add a painting that has a figure picture in the victorian era. We can also add a flower and stack it to the wall to have a stronger design. We should choose beautiful sofa designs to support our decorations to have a better looking. So, you will be successful to make it look luxurious and elegant at the same time if you add this decoration.

Modern Victorian living room
Some decorations can be added to a living room

Some decorations can be added to our room to make it look gorgeous. We recommend you adding a round mirror and artificial plant that can be added to the table and the wall. If we have a shelf we can add something from rattan materials as decoration. It can also make it look beautiful. If we have a fireplace, we can add firewood as decoration to have stronger victorian accents.

Furniture Recommendations For Modern Victorian Study Room

A victorian study room is a really good choice to make because it has a unique concept that will make us focus during studying. We should add some suitable furniture to apply a Victorian interior design. If you are confused to choose it, we can help you with furniture recommendations from us.

Desk chair for study room
A desk chair for making a study room

Sometimes some people use a sofa for their study room. Actually, a desk chair is very preferred for a study room. It has a comfortable backrest with low chair lag to make our foot relax while studying. The design also looks fascinating and available in many colors that we can choose as long as related to the concept.

Study room table
Wooden table stick to the wall

If we want to make an aesthetic study room we should create a wooden table and stick it to the wall to make it look pretty. We can also use other materials besides wood, which does not make our concept look bad.

Furniture Recommendation For Modern Victorian Bedroom

Who wants to have a bedroom like a nobleman’s chamber but still maintain a modern accent? If you want, we recommend a modern victorian bedroom design that has a unique characteristic inspired by queen victoria’s style.

Modern Victorian bedroom
A canopy bed for a modern Victorian bedroom

We recommend using a canopy bed because it is very related to the modern victorian design with an elegant and luxurious concept. It is also suitable for people who want to make their bedroom have a feminine concept. The canopy bed has space for installing a curtain to it to make it look beautiful.

Vintage bed frame in modern Victorian bedroom
Vintage bed in a modern Victorian bedroom

If you don’t want to use a canopy bed, we suggest a bed with a vintage frame that will be suitable for our modern victorian bedroom design. It has a big size and doesn’t look over or tacky at all.

Vintage side table
We can add a vintage side table

It feels incomplete if we don’t recommend you a side table for your bedroom. A white side table with a simple design would suit it because it can support our design to make feel stronger. We can also use other colors as long as it is related to the concept or wallpaper and color of the walls in our bedroom.


We want to help you more to create your dream rooms with our recommendations and some tips. We should add the best quality of furniture in any room that we will be applied a modern victorian design. Actually, there are many people who are confused to create their rooms, and this time we discuss it more clearly. Hopefully, we might help you to create it.


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