1. Overview of forest-style house designs

The forest is a wild area that is overgrown with large trees and inhabited by wild animals. However, many people enjoy recreation in this place. They are bored with life in a city full of work and business activities. So vacationing at home in the middle of the forest is fun for them. In this place, they can fully enjoy nature without any distractions or smoke from vehicles. Then, smoke pollution. The house in the forest is more popular and has even become an object made in horror films.

Along with the times, this house has been used as a guest house for adventurers and adventurers. This house has located on the edge of the forest, in the middle. This unique house is suitable for resting and spending the night enjoying the beautiful natural atmosphere and then far from the urban atmosphere. For that, let’s look at the ideas and inspiration for this unique forest house.

2. Ide dan inspirasi

The idea and inspiration for this unique house in the forest design are sponsored by the tourism agency. They want to introduce a different atmosphere to local and foreign tourists. The natural atmosphere is cool, calm, radiant with birdsong, and comfortable to make them feel at home. In addition, they will also feel happy with the outdoors. Trees in the forest are believed to be able to beautify their homes while providing healthier air.

Now more and more people want to create a unique concept of a house in the forest. To make this happen, the trees must be arranged nicely so that they can blend with the interior design that will be made. Then, ideas and inspiration for making a house above the trees can also provide something unique and fun. So the house arrangement is made neatly and doesn’t seem messy. Therefore, if you want to invest in building a wooden house or forest house, you can read our review below. For that, let’s look at some examples of unique houses in the forest below.

Some unique designs

What goes through your mind when you first see a wooden tree house in the middle of the forest, then the house in the forest? Maybe you will assume that the house has minimum facilities. There are only living rooms with makeshift beds. A tree house or a house in the forest can give a different feel from the beach. Therefore, we want to share ideas with you to review the design of unique houses design in the forest and wooden tree houses. For that, let’s follow our review below.

Beautiful tree house

Tree houses used to be known only as playhouses where children spent time with their siblings or friends. Now tree houses are increasingly popular among adults. The tree house is no longer a place to play but a real place to live, complete with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and toilet.

In America, the popularity of tree houses is also increasing. In fact, some hotels – including the bed and breakfast class – are built on trees. In America, there is also a popular television program on the Animal Planet network entitled Treehouse Masters.

An American company that helps design tree houses in various parts of the world, said that tree houses are increasingly in demand due to the emergence of high demand for environmentally friendly and one-to-nature residences. Then, to make it look more attractive, this house is designed with a wooden bridge model complete with beautiful decorative lights.

Interesting tree house

Several companies developing treehouses say that many of their clients have fallen in love with treehouses because they were exposed to nature from a young age. One said, I went to the forest and liked to climb trees since I was little. Having a tree house is like reminiscing about my childhood. Just like many of my clients.

However, you are wrong if you suspect that a tree house does not have facilities as comfortable as an ordinary house. My house is equipped with sofas and modern toilets that can decompose human waste,” said Nina Sanderson, owner of a treehouse in the San Francisco Bay area. Because of this, not a few tree houses were built in ordinary residential areas, or simply an extension of an existing house. Billy Haddad said the tree house in his backyard was deliberately built as a room for guests to stay. With so many enthusiasts, the design of the tree house is even more beautiful.

Creekside cabin

The design of this house is located in North Carolina. Then, this riverside cabin is very far from being spooky. In fact, according to the manager, creekside, their cabin is very suitable as a place for a family vacation from the fatigue and stuffy atmosphere of the city. This tiny house on the edge of the forest is very comfortable. It is even equipped with internet facilities and TV labels.

To make it look more attractive, the walls of this house are designed with glass and are located above. Meanwhile, beside the house, there is a river whose water flows continuously. Then, it is decorated with original large natural stones. That way, you will feel at home and comfortable on vacation here.

For interior of this house, built in a modern rustic style, with large mirrors almost all around it, this tiny house also has an interior concept that is truly indulgent. Living room with a fireplace, mid-century sofa, decorative lamps, elongated sofa, floor rug, and round glass table. To look elegant, the floor design is fitted with wood motifs. That way, the interior of this house becomes a communal area that is perfect for sharing happiness with family and beloved friends.

Timber cabin

The house built in the forest is in the form of a 46-square-meter cabin and was designed by a fab cab. This house has 1 bedroom and bathroom facilities. This cabin really looks very comfortable and far from the impression of spooky and horror. As you can see, this house is equipped with a terrace with a table and chairs.

This tiny cabin home was designed by fab cab, a company that specializes in designing prefabricated homes. The interior of the room has windows made of glass and wooden frames. Then, to make the owner relax, the interior of the room is equipped with a three-seat sofa, sofa cushions, a wooden table to put drinks, and an antique decorative lamp hanging from the ceiling. Then, to look elegant, the floor is installed with wood motifs. With this arrangement, the interior design of the house looks aesthetic.

Glasshouse cabin

This cabin is known as the glass house because the walls are almost entirely made of glass. Being one of the cabin houses with the most complete facilities, internet, cable tv to iPod dock. Even though almost all of the walls are made of glass, and located almost in the middle of a forest. Then, this house is far from scary. This cabin house is perfect for you and your family who like a quiet atmosphere and one with nature.

Even though in its history the cabin was the design and architecture of the first generation of houses, at this time it might only be intended as a vacation spot or something like that. So it is not a permanent or permanent residence. Even so, with its modern design, the cabin can also give us inspiration on how a small house should be designed.

However, the cabin design is now made very luxurious, modern, and comfortable, and complete with the best facilities. As you can see, this bedroom is equipped with a soft bed, decorative lamps mounted on the left and right walls of the bed, beautiful curtains, and a wooden table. That way, the bedroom design room looks aesthetic.

Forest house terrace and balcony design

This home design looks so artistic. This house in the middle of the forest is also rented out to tourists. The location is very exciting because it is directly next to a waterfall that is so beautiful. In addition, you can enjoy forest views from the terrace on the second floor. Then, this terrace is designed completely with tables, chairs, decorative lights, and a fireplace. That way you will feel comfortable enjoying the view of the forest while drinking a cup of hot coffee. To make it look elegant, the terrace floor is made with a wooden pattern.

The balcony area is kept simple and large enough for a dinner party. The interior of the living room is equipped with a heater so that when relaxing at night, the cold air is not too piercing.

Entering the inside, there is a lounge with a large sofa. This room has a projector and screen that can be used to watch cinema style. Equipped with 100″ HDTV facilities with many viewing options, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and Apple TV. To look luxurious, the ceiling is designed with wood and decorated with spotlights. With this arrangement, the living room design will look elegant.

Forest house kitchen and bedroom design

This forest house design has equipped with a tiny kitchen in the corner of the room. Then, made with a modern design with beautiful views of the forest. The windows has made spacious so that visitors who come can feast their eyes on every corner of the tree house. Then, to make it look more attractive, the kitchen wall is designed with colorful ceramic motifs, a kitchen set, a kitchen table that matches the kitchen set, and is equipped with a stove made of stainless. That way, your kitchen design will feel comfortable and aesthetic.

Apart from the aesthetic kitchen design, this one-bedroom looks beautiful and neat. The glass window design makes the bedroom interior bright. This method can save electricity consumption. To make it look more attractive, this bed has made up with a white bed cover, with soft pillows. Then, next to the bed is equipped with a wooden nightstand to place flower pots and a bathroom door made of glass. Then, to make a relaxed impression, this bedroom is equipped with a sofa. Then, the floor has been designed with a wood motif. So is the bedroom. That way, this bedroom design looks luxurious. Then, make your sleep soundly even in the middle of the forest.

4. Conclusion

Those are some of the appearances of wooden houses located on trees and in the middle of the forest that we reviewed. The design of this house looks to have high artistic power and aesthetics. Therefore, the existence of this house in the middle of the forest is not so scary. Lighting from lamps at night makes this house no longer spooky. We hope you can enjoy your holiday here. Thus, making you and your family more cheerful. Happy decorating!


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