1. Overview of luxury apartment balconies

In general, apartments have limited land. Therefore, the solution is to design a balcony as a substitute for the living room. The luxurious balcony design is one of the inspirations and dreams of many people. Therefore, the most appropriate solution is to make the balcony a living room. The apartment balcony is one part that is of concern to apartment residents. So you must design it with the best model, considering that this section can provide a sense of comfort for you and your family.

The balcony of the apartment can be a second living room for you and your family to gather casually and discuss everything with your family. Therefore, you need to choose the balcony model of a luxury apartment precisely. Here we provide a review of luxury balcony ideas and inspiration according to your expectations.

2. Luxurious balcony ideas and inspiration

Before discussing further luxury balcony ideas and inspiration, it’s good to know the meaning of a balcony. Given that many still can’t tell the difference between a balcony and a terrace. The general definition of a balcony is a porch or small room located in a multi-story building type but is in the outer area. This area aims to connect the residence with the outside area on the top floor.

As we know, fresh air and sunlight play an essential role in a healthy and comfortable home. Therefore, with a balcony, this area is the most appropriate place for residents to breathe fresh air and feel the sun in the morning. So after you understand the role of a balcony in a dwelling, now you can design a balcony as a cool relaxing area.

3. Some examples of luxurious balconies

As you can see, balcony designs are always forgotten. But in fact, balconies have a more important role in residential comfort. So this area is often forgotten, and may even make this area a place to sunbathe only clothes.

But actually, you can design a balcony as a place for you to relax while releasing fatigue. Then, you can make it the living room of the second apartment. Therefore, we want to share ideas to review a luxurious balcony design to be used as a second living room. Hopefully, the balcony design below suits your taste. Then, it can be an inspiration for your apartment. Welcome to our review!

Simple luxury home balcony

The first recommendation is a simple balcony that looks luxurious. This balcony has equipped with a beautiful table and chairs that are suitable for you to make it a place to relax, eat or gather with your family. As you can see, this balcony will seem very luxurious and has equipped with beautiful views and cool and green natural nuances.

The cold atmosphere will look natural with a river or water that adds to the coldness around it. The benefits and uses of the balcony will be more pronounced thanks to the available landscape view of the house. In addition, this balcony has equipped with a fence that can provide security for anyone in this place. Then to look beautiful, you can add minimalist chairs and tables to relax. That way, this balcony design looks simple and attractive.

Luxurious balcony with a rectangular shape

The next balcony design is a luxurious balcony that has a rectangular shape. This balcony is very suitable to be applied to the side of the apartment that does not have too much land. In addition, this balcony has equipped with luxurious chairs and tables. Then, you can also add decorations that can add to the beauty of your balcony. Don’t forget to adjust the paint color on the balcony with the paint color of your apartment. So that your apartment and balcony look very harmonious and suitable.

Apart from that, you also need to organize the much-needed lighting on the balcony. Lighting, you can install the right lamp, both for the position of the lamp or the color of the light that will be produced. Then, to make you more relaxed, you can add simple patio chairs and tables. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, you can decorate it with antique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your balcony design looks aesthetic.

Spacious luxury home balcony

Having a spacious and beautiful apartment balcony is everyone’s dream. You can see in the picture above, this balcony design is suitable for large areas. Then, this spacious balcony design can be a reference if you intend to make your balcony to be spacious. That way, this spacious balcony can accommodate many people. In other words, this balcony will be perfect for those of you who have a large family.

To make it look more attractive, you can design it by adjusting the color of the balcony to the color of your apartment. Then you can add chairs and tables that can be used to relax with the family. So this balcony is very good if you place it in an area that will face the sunset directly. So you can enjoy the beautiful sunset at dusk in this place with your family. If you are interested in this balcony concept, you can immediately make it by making this example your apartment inspiration.

The balcony of the house is luxurious and cool

The balcony of this apartment looks neat and attractive. The location of the balcony makes the atmosphere in this place feel cool. If you like the concepts like this, you can make this design your inspiration. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can put the wooden bench and table in this place. Then, you can paint a wooden bench blue. Then, in the corner of the balcony, pots are made for ornamental plants. So the atmosphere looks green.

If you are interested in this balcony concept, you can make it like in the picture. So the atmosphere will make you and your family feel comfortable when you are in it. Don’t forget to clean and tidy it up again. So your balcony will maintain its beauty and cleanliness. That way, your balcony design will look clean and make you healthy.

Minimalist simple luxury home balcony

This luxury apartment balcony design looks simple and attractive. The concept that is carried on this balcony is a balcony with its beauty and coolness created by a garden that is deliberately placed in the balcony area. This balcony is perfect for those of you who have an apartment with small land and a small family. So you can enjoy being with your family in this place comfortably. Then, to create comfort, don’t forget to add a table and chairs or seats that are sized according to the size of the balcony you have.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add a rug with your favorite color. So you and your family will feel more comfortable in this place. That way, you will feel at home to be in the apartment while on vacation. Then, you can enjoy the free air in the morning while enjoying a cup of coffee. With this arrangement, your balcony design will look more comfortable.

Simple and convenient

You can see this balcony looks simple but luxurious. Even though it is simple, the atmosphere you get will be more comfortable for you to relax in the afternoon or at night. To make your atmosphere more relaxed, you can add a three-seat sofa made of wood covered with soft foam. Then, add colorfully patterned sofa cushions, a short wooden table, and a brightly colored floor rug.

As for seating, you can use creations leaning against a wall or balcony support. That way, you will feel more comfortable sitting. Then to make it look more artistic, you can add a hanging decorative lamp that is mounted on the ceiling. Then decorate the walls with bamboo curtains and ornamental plants that are beneficial for health. That way, the exterior of your apartment will look antique and unique.

Design with limited land

Designing a balcony to look luxurious doesn’t have to be with a large area. You don’t have to worry if you have a balcony with limited land. You can design your small balcony with simple equipment that looks luxurious. The trick is to arrange the balcony with the right furniture to make it look harmonious and neat. Then, don’t place furniture whose size can make the balcony narrow. In this way, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the balcony comfortably.

Then, to make it look more beautiful, arrange a small chair. Then, choose a color that matches the exterior of the apartment. Then, add a round table. So it doesn’t take up space, ornamental plants on the fence, and interesting knick-knacks. To make it look elegant, design a balcony floor with wood motifs. With this arrangement, your mini balcony will look luxurious.

Black and minimalist balcony design

Black interior design always looks attractive. Of course, as long as you mix and match with other suitable colors, the room will look attractive. So you can apply a concept like this to your balcony area to make it look luxurious.

The trick is you can change the color of the walls to black. Then, for recommendations, it’s better to use a subtle black or slightly mixed with gray so that the eyes remain light and comfortable. Then after that, you can add a few hanging plants on the iron rack to beautify it again. Then, to make you relax and enjoy the free air, you can add a two-seater wooden sofa covered in foam and white cloth, two black rattan lounge chairs for relaxing, a small antique table, a spotlight on the ceiling, and a decorative lamp on the wall. With this arrangement, your balcony design looks aesthetic.

Balcony shades of wood and plants

Wood shades always make the atmosphere look more luxurious and natural. So if you are happy with an all-wood design, you can design a balcony like this. Moreover, the floor design has been completed with a “timeless” feel of wood. This design is guaranteed to make the mood feel comfortable and warm. However, to design like this you have to choose termite-resistant wood. Then, it looks beautiful when varnished.

Then, to make it look more attractive, we provide a balcony design with wood material. As you can see, a long bench is a place to sit and lie down made of wood. Then, the model made the letter L. So it can be used for tables. Then, to look more attractive, you can add motif sofa cushions and decorative plants. With this simple arrangement, you can gather with your family.

Scandinavian style design

Balcony designs in the Scandinavian style are currently in great demand by many people. As you can see in this picture, this balcony design carries a Scandinavian-style concept. Therefore, don’t let your balcony area fall behind the model. You can create it by setting up a small sofa, a feather bed that is identical to the typical nordic style, a dimly lit chandelier, and ornamental plants that are beneficial for health.

Meanwhile, some other small ornaments can be adjusted to your taste such as small wooden shelves, complementary ornaments made of rattan, and hanging ornamental plants. In this way, the atmosphere of your balcony will feel warm. To look luxurious, you can design a floor with wood motifs. Balcony designs like this can make you feel more comfortable.

Attractive pastel colorful concept

An apartment balcony with a pastel color design can make the balcony look luxurious. So if you are interested in using this color, you can change the appearance of your balcony to be more attractive. As you know, many people use the balcony as a place to dry clothes. In fact, a balcony can be decorated to be luxurious by arranging the right furniture. In addition, for color, it is recommended to use pastel colors that seem softer. So as not to irritate the eye if they are too flashy.

To make it look beautiful, you can add a guest chair made of beautiful rattan and a table for placing drinks for you to sit back and chat with your family. Then add ornaments that can beautify your balcony, such as antique hanging lamps, flower pots, and knick-knacks. With a design like this, your apartment will look elegant and luxurious.

Luxurious with a hammock on the balcony

Having a beautiful and unique apartment balcony design can make us happy. Therefore, many millennials add a hammock to the balcony to make it look luxurious and attractive. A balcony is indeed a pleasant place to relax while enjoying the outside view bellow balcony. Especially with this hammock, the place to relax is more enjoyable. Then, you are more relaxed enjoying the morning air.

Then, to make it feel fresher, you can add ornamental plants that are beneficial for health. Then, design your balcony exterior with attractive ceramic motifs or exposed brick. Most importantly, don’t forget to make the fence higher for your safety and that of your family. With this arrangement, your balcony design will look aesthetic.

4. Conclusion

Those are some designs that can make your balcony design look aesthetic, comfortable, and luxurious. If you are interested in the apartment balcony model above, you can imitate and make one of the designs your balcony inspiration. But if you don’t want to bother, you can order a home decor company to decorate your balcony. That way, the result is according to your taste. Hopefully, Our review above is useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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