Overview of mountain houses

The design of a mountain house is somewhat different from the design of houses in cities and villages. Mountain house designs use more lightweight materials such as wood, mild steel, and bamboo. This is because the mountainous region is an area prone to earthquakes. Therefore, to avoid unwanted things, houses are generally built with wood and concrete only as the foundation.

When the holidays come we go to the mountains where my brother has booked a house or villa in the mountains. The journey to the location takes quite a long time because it climbs and twists and turns. On the left and right we see beautiful views of tea gardens and simple house designs. Some are made of bamboo chambers, some are made of wood. But because our destination was still an hour away, we didn’t stop and continued on our way to the house my brother had rented.

Unique and attractive design

Arriving at the location we got out of the vehicle and took a short break. The scenery is quite beautiful, the green mountain forest makes us want to see it immediately. Then, we packed up at the destination house. How surprised we were after seeing the beautiful and attractive interior design of a mountain house.

The floor and wall designs are made of wood. Then, this terrace is equipped with classic model patio chairs that make us even more fascinated and amazed. After that, we stepped into the living room, and it turned out that the living room was designed very attractively. The walls and floors are also made of wood, while the lower foundation is made of concrete for house arrest. Then the sofa set that is available, the design is made with a modern classic model so that it makes us amazed at the designer who arranged it. After that, we each prepared ourselves to go to our bedroom.

Artistic and comfortable bedroom.

After leaving the living room then we packed up to the bedroom for a short break. In this bedroom, we see an artistic and aesthetic bedroom design. This design makes us feel comfortable inside. It seems we are reluctant to leave the room anymore and want to stay in this bedroom. The design of the glass window facing the bed makes us always look at the mountain forest. Then the bedroom model that resembles a triangle amazed us and kept looking at every corner.

For a more attractive look, this bedroom is equipped with a bed that is designed without legs and given soft foam, soft pillows, and bed covers to keep out the cold air. This equipment can make sleep feel sounder. In addition, the walls are made of wood. Some are designed with wallpaper to make them look more beautiful. Then, the presence of wall paintings adds to the lively and warmer atmosphere. In order not to feel cold, the wooden floor has covered with a thick carpet, and the corner of the bedroom is equipped with a lamp to warm the body. This arrangement makes the bedroom design look aesthetic and artistic.

Aesthetic dining room

The dining room of a mountain house is different from that of a city or village. The dining room does not use a large dining table. The design of dining room is made like a family room where everyone who has eaten can sit relaxed in this room while enjoying their favorite food. This dining room has designed with large glass windows and overlooks the mountain forest. With this design, it is hoped that the dining atmosphere will feel more comfortable and more enjoyable.

To complete this dining room, They put a long sofa set facing each other and 1 lounge chair, an elongated wooden table, and soft patterned sofa cushions. The floor is also made of wood and decorated with patterned carpets. To make it look wider, the ceiling of the room is designed high so that the eye can see more freely. With this arrangement, the dining room will feel more comfortable and enjoyable.

Unique mountain home kitchen

After dinner, we walked to the kitchen which is located at the back. We were surprised to see a beautiful and elegant kitchen design with a classy wood design. There are various models of village wooden house kitchens that are unique and also aesthetic. But for this one, we are very impressed. The design is neat, the arrangement of the furniture is well organized, and the model is not outdated. If we see, this kitchen looks luxurious and fun. Therefore, we continue to look at this minimalist mountain-style kitchen model because of its unique appearance.

Finally, we thought about adopting this simple kitchen design concept. To have a traditional kitchen design is not only limited to modern or classic styles. But this kitchen can be designed to be beautiful and aesthetic like the kitchen of this mountain house. As you can see, this kitchen tends to be designed with natural and traditional nuances. Then even more interesting, this kitchen is equipped with modern furniture, spotlights mounted on the ceiling, a kitchen set and kitchen table, and an island table to gather with family while waiting for food to be cooked. Then, all the wood in this kitchen is varnished to perfection. That way, this kitchen design looks elegant.

Natural bathroom

In a house, the bathroom has its portion and has developed into a multifunctional place. Not only a place to clean yourself but at the same time to pamper yourself. So, a design is needed that suits the mood of the occupant of the house. Then. An aesthetic outdoor bathroom design also needs to be considered to maintain the privacy of the homeowner.

Let’s return to reviewing the mountain bathroom. Next, we headed to a bathroom to clean up. It turns out that the bathroom design in the mountains feels more natural than the bathroom in the countryside. So if you want something different for your bathroom in the future, you can take the outdoor or open bathroom concept like the picture above. Bathrooms don’t have to be designed to be closed or ‘locked up’, but they can also be designed to be open so that they feel like they are in nature free but maintain their privacy. In addition, the use of the outdoor bathroom concept is also intended to prevent moisture from causing bad odors and the appearance of germs and bacteria. As inspiration, here we provide an overview of the appearance of the outdoor bathroom we enjoyed while in the mountains.


Those are some examples of designs from mountain houses that we visited. We are very impressed with the aesthetic, attractive, and natural interior design of the house. The designs we see are not designs that are made haphazardly. This design has indeed been designed for a mountain house, such as for safety, comfort, and tranquility. Mountain house designs must be able to provide serenity for visitors. In order to rest in peace and comfort. Happy decorating!


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