1. Overview of beautiful flower garden

The smaller size of the house also has an impact on the garden. There is a small garden, even no area for plants at all. However, do not be sad because there are some inspirations for your front garden that you can emulate. Then, you can imagine sitting and relaxing while enjoying coffee in the afternoon accompanied by green scenery and music.

Therefore, if you have limited land in front of your house, you don’t need to be confused because a minimalist garden can be the right solution and still add coolness to the home. As we know, designing a garden on narrow land is indeed a challenge. However, a garden with limited land will actually make your work less tiring and tiring.

2. Setting up the right garden

If you have empty land in front of the house, it’s time to use it for a mini garden. But if you are one who doesn’t want to be bothered, you can add certain types of grass to make your simple garden look green.

One type of grass that is most suitable for planting in the yard is ornamental grass. There are a lot of types of ornamental grasses to choose from. However, you can select as your wish. So it is suitable for use in your home. In addition, how to grow and care for this type of garden grass is also not difficult, namely by pruning and fertilizing it regularly. So, if you are interested in having a beautiful garden in front of your house, choose grass that is green and lush. Then, you can mix it with various ornamental plants and flowers to make it look more beautiful.

3. Choose the type of plant

Having a beautiful home page is everyone’s dream. Therefore, choosing the type of plants for the front garden of the house should not be done haphazardly. Currently, there are many types of ornamental plants that you can choose to beautify your garden.

In order to make it look more beautiful, you can still arrange the garden with various ornaments such as natural stone to garden benches. Please note, some types of ornamental plants also have forms of care that are not too complicated. You only need to water, provide fertilizer and place it in a place that is not too exposed to sunlight, so that the plant can develop perfectly.

4. Inspiration to change the house atmosphere to be beautiful

With the presence of a flower garden design and plants, it can change the atmosphere of your home to be beautiful. Apart from functioning as an aesthetic value, gardening activities can also soothe the soul and teach us a sense of responsibility. However, gardening activities are not only in large areas because you can carry out your gardening activities at home.

Apart from that, you can also do a small garden on the terrace. So if you are still confused, we provide some beautiful garden inspiration below. Hopefully, one of the designs is to your taste. Therefore, follow our review below.

Choose a minimalist design

The front of the house is the most common area for a garden. We all know that the front of the house has a big role in creating the overall appearance of the house. Therefore, making a garden to beautify the exterior front of the house is the right choice.

What’s more, the existence of a garden will create a fresh atmosphere with comfortable atmosphere. So, a garden can give a very good first impression of your home. To make it look more attractive, you can add a relaxing sofa, sofa cushions, and some beautiful flower plants. However, don’t forget if it’s a rainy day you have to take it so it doesn’t get wet. That way, your garden design will look minimalist.

Decorate with green grass

As the name implies, this type of mini elephant grass is a variant of the smaller type of elephant grass. This type of grass is always chosen by house designers for various home garden designs, especially in small, minimalist yards.

This type of grass has a quite unique character, namely a sideways growth pattern. So, the size of the leaves that are not tall and tend to creep to the side makes it unnecessary for regular pruning. Many make this type of mini elephant grass their favorite type of grass because it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, is weather resistant, and the price is affordable. But to add to the beauty, you can add ornamental plants, flower pots, coral, and floor tiles. That way, your flower garden design will look fun.

Flower garden with fish pond

Having a beautiful garden is certainly everyone’s dream. The reason is garden in the home environment will give a new feel to your home. The growth of beautiful leaves and flowers in your garden becomes an attractive place to relax.

However, not everyone has a garden, especially in a minimalist home. Several factors make people reluctant to make gardens, such as the unavailability of land to make parks, the high cost of making parks, and owners who are not happy with parks. Moreover, the desired garden must be equipped with a fish pond. Therefore, to address these factors, you’ll want to try to get an adequate budget.

Create a flower garden on the balcony

We are still talking about land use issues. Therefore, you can also share with us to make a garden on the balcony of the second floor or third floor. As you know, one of the characteristics of a minimalist home is its architecture which does not widen but rises upwards.

Do not let your balcony be left idle. Therefore, you can turn it into a small flower garden. The trick is to place the pots around the balcony and add a garden chair in the corner of the balcony. That way, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the mini garden you created. Then, your day off will be busy with gardening activities. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Clean and cool garden design

Having a large area of ​​land is very pleasant. So that the garden area looks spacious and more relieved, you can design a garden like this one. The key is to put wooden decorations in the garden. Then, add garden chairs with dark colors, and round tables like this image inspiration.

This garden design looks aesthetic. Then, the proper arrangement of flower pots and ornamental plants makes this garden a place to unwind and relax. Then, the presence of green grass also makes the garden atmosphere more cheerful. With a setup like this, you don’t need to look for a coffee shop to spend your time relaxing. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Utilizing space on the terrace

If you have limited terrace space, you can design a small garden like the picture above. This garden is filled with various types of flowers, very suitable for you to apply on a terrace that has a small space. On the wall, you can decorate with wall plants. Then, you can also add green grass to complete the greenery in front of your house. With this arrangement, your garden will give a cool impression to your home. To beautify your garden, you can add decorative lights, small steps made of natural stone, and ornamental plants hanging from the ceiling.

Indoor garden

The next design is a garden located indoors or an indoor garden. In the design above, the flower garden has located under a processed wooden pergola. Then, between the ornamental plants that are placed in pots, a path is made to enjoy in the morning.

Not far from the garden, you can see a kitchen designed in natural colors. With wood material as a room decoration, this flower garden design looks more attractive and natural. Then, the floor is allowed to mingle with the ground so that the plants become more fertile. With this arrangement, the atmosphere in the house will feel cool and calm. To make you relax and enjoy warm coffee, you can add a long wooden bench. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you and your family.

Attractive and sweet design

You can make this one garden design inspiration so that the exterior of your house feels cool and beautiful. In the design above there are various types of beautiful ornamental plants. To make it look neat, you can group your favorite plants according to their type and size. Then, on the garden wall, you can use vines which will give a cool impression to your home.

In the garden design above, there is a long cafe-style bench combined with colorful natural stone designs. With this arrangement, you can use the garden design above as a comfortable place to relax by enjoying your flower plants. Hopefully, the beautiful flower garden can be an inspiration for you.

Flower Garden with natural stone and shower

This flower garden design looks Japanese style. The stone arrangement of the big river makes this park feel like it is on a mountain. Then to make it, you also need sufficient land and budget so that the results are satisfactory. But if you are happy with a design like this, you can add a beautiful pool with a shower in your flower garden, so it looks complete. You can adjust the size of the pool according to the area of ​​land you have. Adding a pond with a shower will make your garden more attractive.
Besides that, you can put ornamental fish in your pond, along with decorative stones that can beautify your garden. This garden design seems to have been laid out by a very experienced garden designer so that the results look aesthetic. That way, you and your family don’t need to leave town to enjoy the mountain atmosphere. Happy decorating!

Garden from glass tubes

Apart from being cube-shaped, the room for this flower garden is even more interesting if it is in the shape of a tube. The tube shape does require a larger area. But it could be the focal point of the circulation hierarchy in your home. To arrange it, you have to design it with white coral to make it look bright. Then, you don’t need to make a tile floor underneath. The goal is that the rainwater that enters the flower garden can be absorbed by the coral and soil. To make it look more attractive, you can put colorful flower plants so it looks beautiful.

Utilize the area under the stairs

If you have a house with limited land, but don’t have enough space to make a flower garden, you can use the bottom of your stairs to become an indoor garden. By arranging it neatly, the flower garden that you create will become an icon in your home. Next, you can put beautiful colorful flower plants.

Then, for matters of sunlight, you can design glass windows beside the garden so that sunlight can easily enter and illuminate your flower garden. In addition, you can also place several bright light points to illuminate your flower garden at night. That way, your home interior design will look elegant.

Create a Japanese-style indoor flower garden

Japanese-style garden designs are currently in great demand by homeowners. This design has a specialty with cherry blossoms, and the interior looks bright and clean. Therefore, if you can create a Japanese-style garden at home, such as in your living room, you will feel a different comfort from other garden designs.

In addition, the family room like you is magic into a unique and attractive garden. This garden design does not need a lot of plants. To make it look green, give it just enough grass. That way, you can enjoy your relaxing time after coming home from work in this place while releasing fatigue. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Aesthetic flower garden beside the stairs

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began to penetrate and enliven the social world of life in Indonesia, human activities have changed. Work and school are done at home. Especially with the enactment of government regulations that do not allow people to travel anywhere.

Therefore, many people divert activities at home by arranging the garden. This activity can make your boredom disappear. Then, the level of saturation and stress will also disappear. As you can see, the flower garden above is designed beside the stairs of the house. Then, to make it look more beautiful, this flower garden is decorated with decorative garden lights, white coral, rabbit statues, and some flower plants. That way, the atmosphere in your home will feel pleasant.

Beautiful flower garden design

Many people do not think to make a beautiful flower garden under the stairs. They only know that under the stairs is only used for storage of goods. Even though you can make a vine plant design on the wall under the stairs.

As you can see in this picture, the design of the garden under the stairs is equipped with beautiful flower pots, bright white coral stones, white natural stones, decorative lights, and plants that are deliberately planted on the vines on the stairs. With this arrangement, your home interior design will look aesthetically pleasing and attractive. For those of you who haven’t designed the area under your stairs, this image can be an inspiration for you.

5. Conclusion

So, those are some flower garden inspirations that we have summarized. Hopefully, our review above can be useful for those of you who are looking for a beautiful flower garden design. Hopefully, with this review, the exterior design of your home will look aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, and fun. We hope you and your family look even happier. Happy decorating!


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