1. Overview of the house

Some people define the house as a place of shelter and rest. Finally, they feel bored at home and choose to have fun outside, such as in cafes, malls, or playgrounds. As far as we know, the house can be made into a place for fun and family gathering. Therefore, you don’t need to leave the house if you can make your home a place that can provide warmth and cheer for you and your family!

If you are currently feeling bored and always feel uncomfortable at home, then by reading our article, you have come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some ideas to bring your home to life, just for you! With these few ideas and tips, your home will turn into a more exciting place that can be used for refreshing. of course! For that, let’s look at the reviews below.

2. Design your favorite room

There is no need for a favorite room because each room has made according to its respective function. But it’s not wrong if you want to treat a family’s favorite room because it may be a place for gathering and having fun. Therefore, it is this family’s favorite room that later needs to design so that when you use it together, it can provide a comfortable feeling for chatting.

Then, what’s the best solution to turn a room that was just ordinary into a worthy favorite. In this case, at least you need to change some basic designs such as arranging the furniture properly to make it seem spacious. Then, add some decorative elements to add a fresh impression, such as adding plants and decorations. . That way, a new room will be created that is suitable for gathering fellow family members. Therefore, we provide some tips for making your favorite room in your home so that your family feels at home, happy,

3. Some examples of rooms

Here we provide some examples of the interior rooms that can make your family feel happy and cheerful. Some examples below we hope can add to your inspiration and ideas. Then make your family feel more comfortable and at home. Therefore, let’s discuss one by one the design of the room below. Welcome to our review!

Room decoration magic tricks

Changing the decor of the home space with any models of arrangement will not change the area of ​​the room. The original ten square meters will remain that way. But with the right arrangement, you will make the interior of your home feel more spacious.  Then, to change the interior decoration of the house to be more spacious, you can do it with a few simple tricks such as adding glass, placing a table near the window, and so on.

For those of you with a super busy family with daily hair work, a beautiful and comfortable living room is a pleasant thing because you can find a relaxed atmosphere at home without leaving the house. One of the most beneficial things is that you can build good communication with family members so that the atmosphere of family harmony will feel warmer and more comfortable.

Set the room design with bright colors

Bright colors can give the impression of being wider than the actual size of the living room. Paint the walls and ceiling of the house in a bright color, such as white or cream, which can give the room an airy impression. Then, also use colors that can encourage family members so that they can carry out activities to the maximum. Then, the living room can feel more relaxing if you install a large door in the room because a small door surrounded by walls will create a narrow impression.

Then, to look more attractive, you can decorate your living room with a minimalist design, sofa sets and tables, ornamental plants, decorative lights, and a television for watching entertainment. With a design like this, you and your family will feel at home in the house.

Using the right furniture

Home decoration to feel relieved depends on the furniture you choose. If your goal is to make the room wider, don’t use furniture that is too large. Choose a sofa set and table that suits the room. If you want to add a chair, just choose a medium size and easy to move.

Then, to make the living room look more beautiful and charming, design a large shelf on the wall to place accessories, photo frames, and decorative lights. Then, adjust the color of the shelves in the living room and sofa to make them look more harmonious. By making a buffet like a shelf, you will save space and budget. With a design like this, your family will be happy and cheerful.

Using minimalist motifs

Maybe you think to have a house that is pleasing to the eye, then we can put a carpet with pictures of flowers, then decorate the walls with paintings and accessories. However, choosing a soft sofa can give a luxurious impression of the room. The design does look good, but not for a narrow living room.

We understand that giving motifs that are too diverse and complicated will make the room feel narrower. Therefore, use a simple motif to support the gathering room to feel comfortable. Then, to make a living room fresh impression, you can use a simple carpet, hanging decorative

If you want a more luxurious look, decorate the walls with wallpaper with a bright motif. In addition to giving the impression of a spacious room, you will save a larger budget than you have to paint repeatedly. With this design, you and your family will feel comfortable.

Making hidden and special rooms

If you have a house with two floors, you can use the upper floor to give a very spacious impression. Then, you can create a special room for a reading garden, relaxation and others. The trick is to design a room with the best and most versatile design. Then put some furniture to complete the room. Of course, this design will feel that your house is spacious because it directly connects to the top floor. That way, you and your family will feel comfortable.

This design is the best for your family because when they are tired, they can rest upstairs while enjoying the view outside. You can also do this method for your private room.

Make room for a play area for children

To keep your children from playing in the heat and rain outside, you can design their rooms with special decorations as a place for them to play. The goal is that you can control them at all times. Then, if you want to design their room, you can use wallpaper on the wall with pictures of games and children’s characters they like.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can equip a minimalist bed for them, games, and a beautiful floor rug. Then, design their bedroom with the colors they like. That way, they will be in their room while enjoying the game.

Take advantage of the corner of the room for decoration

Every corner of a room in the house is valuable because you have paid to get that corner. Therefore, take advantage of every corner of your room to display attractive objects such as paintings or furniture to give beauty to the room. However, if there is still an unused corner of the room, use it to put the items. We know that the correct use of corners can save the use of space elsewhere.

Then, to look more beautiful, decorate with lights which are one of the decorations, and you should pay attention and use only a few lights so make the room doesn’t feel cramped. However, it must be able to illuminate all corners of the room. Therefore, you can use lamps with power and quality lighting. Then, Install a light in the middle of the room because it can illuminate all corners of the room.

Making a private theater room

Currently, the concept of home theater home cinema; is no longer something luxurious and expensive because anyone can have it. With a good and appropriate spatial arrangement, you can create a space to watch with your family.

Then, to make the family feel at home, you must try to complete their facilities. Therefore, there are several home theater designs that you can use as inspiration for a home cinema design. One of them is by making the most popular design style, namely the minimalist design style.

Designing your family’s dream home entertainment can be realized now with a minimalist design that is chic and comfortable. Especially, for those of you who have limited space. We hope this design style can fulfill your dream of having a home cinema in your home. Enjoy!

Decorate with beautiful curtains

Why do you need to install curtains? What do curtains have to do with the size of a room? You need to know that curtains have a function to refract sunlight from entering the room, so it doesn’t feel warm. In addition, sunlight during the day can make furniture dull and make you uncomfortable in it. Therefore, the presence of curtains is very necessary.

Then, to make your room look beautiful, you can install beautiful curtains according to the interior design of the living room. The goal is to make the curtains and the living room interior look harmonious. Then, don’t forget to complete the room with a beautiful sofa set and table, accessories, decorative lights, and wall paintings.

Creating a recreation room

For those of you who have a hobby of playing billiards, the idea of ​​making a room with a pool table is a dream. This playroom can be your personal space to unwind from daily activities. Then, for decoration, you can adjust it to the type of game that you or your family like. If you have a pool table, there’s no need to leave the house looking for a place to play pool.

The recreation room you design will feel more comfortable if there are not many items in the room. Therefore, immediately throw away the items that you don’t use anymore. Then, do not place unused items, even if only in the corner of the room.

Then to look cool, you can decorate your billiards game room with spotlights mounted on the table, sofas for you to relax, and wall paintings related to your hobbies. With a design like this, you and your family will not be stressed anymore.

Making a comfortable terrace

The terrace is an area that represents the appearance of your home from the outside. The function is not only as a relaxing area and a sweetener for the facade of the house but also becomes the first area that welcomes guests when they visit your home. However, because they are outside the house, sometimes homeowners are reluctant to take care of their terrace and then make it looks neat, clean, and beautiful at all times. Especially if your terrace is small and has a garden.

Therefore, it is more important to decorate the terrace to make it more comfortable to chat. That way, your guests who come to visit will feel well entertained by you. Then, to look more beautiful, you can decorate the terrace with lounge chairs, guest chairs, and tables. By designing a beautiful terrace, your home can become an idol for guests.


Those are tips for decorating your home to make you and your family feel at home and happy. A beautiful, attractive, aesthetic, and comfortable house is everyone’s dream. Therefore, we provide some examples of the best home decorations for you and your family. We hope this design can be an inspiration for those of you who want your family to always be at home.


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