1. Overview of granite floor

f you are looking for inspiration for the best granite floor models, let’s see our recommendations below! Your home will look luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. Having an aesthetic, modern, and tidy dwelling is everyone’s dream. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are willing to spend some money to beautify their houses.

One important aspect that you can see is the floor of the house. Therefore, there are several materials that you can use for flooring, including the popular one is granite flooring. For that, let’s look at the granite floor below.

Granite floor is one of the floors with natural stone materials and has an expensive price. The advantages of this floor compared to other types of flooring are that it is sturdy, durable, and does not break easily. Then, the motifs and colors also consist of several kinds. Therefore, you can choose it based on color, pattern, and design. It will be better if you choose according to the atmosphere of your home so that the residence looks more luxurious and beautiful and makes your family happy and cheerful. Here are some recommendations for granite floor models that you can use.

2. Granite is a luxury design

We know that choosing granite flooring means you are designing a beautiful home. Because this floor is many used in luxury homes and the price is expensive. Therefore, many luxury homes use this floor to make their homes look beautiful and luxurious. However, to design it, you still have to adjust to the area and model of ​​​​the house. So that the results are satisfactory and according to your taste. Therefore, we will provide some examples of luxurious granite floors according to the room in your home. Let’s look at some examples of designs below.

3. Some examples of houses with granite floors

This article has exposed some examples of house floor designs using granite floors. Then, to design this, you must be able to choose a granite floor motif that suits your taste. Below we provide some examples of motifs ranging from bright to dark colors according to the room and its designation. Therefore, let’s look at some sample images below. We hope this example can be an inspiration for you. Welcome to our review!

Zigzag granite floor model

The zigzag granite floor pattern has an irregular pattern. However, using this floor model makes the house still look aesthetic and charming. You can get this motif in shapes such as the letter W or Z. Using brown and gray colors can make your home kitchen look more simple and pleasing to the eye.

Then, to look your kitchen design more interesting, you can add furniture such as kitchen sets, kitchen tables, and kitchen utensils. Don’t forget to design your kitchen window with glass so that sunlight enters your kitchen. With a design like this, your kitchen will look beautiful and bright. Hopefully, this design can be your inspiration.

Black granite floor model

For those of you who have a house color that is identical to the dark color. Maybe you can consider using this black granite floor model. The goal is to adapt to the atmosphere of your home. Then, this floor model also looks luxurious, elegant, and shiny because it has a glossy effect. As you can see, the black color on this granite floor also makes the house not easy to get dirty and easy to maintain.

Then, to look cool, you can add living room equipment such as sofa sets, round tables, and decorative lights. Then, adjust the soft color on the walls with the color of the floor to make it look harmonious. With this design, your living room will look cool and luxurious. We hope you can apply this design to your home. However, this floor design is perfect for a large living room.

Modern granite floor model

The combination of granite floors with light brown and dark brown colors makes your living room look stunning, and majestic, and attracts the attention of guests. For that, you can design modern abstract motifs to make them even more perfect. You can see in this picture, the feel of this granite floor has also been widely used in urban homes.

Then, to look more beautiful and charming, you can decorate your living room with a sofa set, decorative lights, flower pots, wall hangings, and dark wood walls. With this design, your living room will look beautiful and luxurious, making your guests happy. If you are happy with a luxurious design, you can use this design as an additional idea and inspiration for you. Happy decorating!

Vintage granite floor model

The next granite floor model that you can apply to your home is a granite floor with a vintage motif. This floor model has been designed using a combination of beige and white colors. So that it looks luxurious. Then, this floor is perfect for those of you who have a house with a bright atmosphere. With a design like this, your home kitchen will look more aesthetic by using this granite floor model.

Then, to look more beautiful and fun, you can decorate your kitchen with a kitchen set and kitchen table with minimalist colors, hanging decorative lights, and a multipurpose table. With this design, your kitchen will look aesthetic and elegant. But don’t forget to design your kitchen window with glass so that the kitchen looks bright with sunlight so you can save electricity during the day. If you like luxury kitchen designs, this design is perfect for your kitchen.

Wood motif granite floor model

This granite floor motif must be familiar to you because this model is already popular among luxury homeowners. In this way, wood patterns, on this granite floor makes the house look luxurious, elegant, and modern. In addition, you can also see the shiny effect on this granite floor.

Then, to look cooler and more luxurious, add furniture such as a sofa set, a minimalist table, and black and gray wall shelves. To appear brighter with sunlight, design large windows using glass. With a design like this, the interior of your home will look stunning to your guests. If you like natural colors, this design can be an inspiration for you.

White granite floor model

As far as we know that white is favored by many people because this type of color can make the house look cleaner and brighter. Moreover, this color is easy to match with various colors of home furnishings. However, you are always to clean the floor regularly because stains and dirt on white floors will be easier to see.

Then, to look more beautiful and sweet, combine this floor color with living room equipment such as a minimalist sofa set, a beautiful dining table, wall hangings, lounge chairs, and beautiful decorative lights. In this way, your living room will amaze and delight your guests. However, a living room design like it is suitable for a large living room. Then, don’t forget to design a large glass window so that sunlight can easily enter and make your living room look bright and healthy. Hopefully, this beautiful design can be your inspiration.

Gray granite floor model

The next choice of granite flooring is granite tiles in gray. Its exotic and glossy appearance makes the house look aesthetic and luxurious. The color of the floor above is similar to white and gray. This color is also easy to combine with other paint colors because this color is simple, neutral, and not sharp.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can decorate a room with a floor like this with a gray sofa set, black table, dining table, and living room accessories. Of course, This design is perfect for those of you who have a large living room. So it can combine with a dining table and sideboard to put accessories. Then, adjust the color of the walls with minimalist colors so that the room is cool. In this way, your guests will feel happy and at home in your room. We hope this design can be your inspiration if you like marble motifs. Happy decorating!

Granite floor model with a motif in the middle

If you want to have a slightly different and striking floor feel, you can add a motif in the middle of the room. This design will increasingly attract the attention of guests who see it. Therefore, if you use a granite floor motif combined with various colors and patterns, your living room will look beautiful, aesthetic, and elegant. Designing like this, it can make the interior of your home look like a European house.

Then, to look cool, please decorate your living room with beautiful furniture such as corner chairs and tables, door designs, and stained glass windows. But don’t forget to adjust the color of the granite motif with the color of your room to make it look harmonious. In this way, your living room will look beautiful and charming. If you have a room with a design like this, this design can be your inspiration and idea. good luck.

Cream granite floor

Good granite color is beige because it is much used in all residential concepts such as modern and minimalist homes. As far as we know, plain cream colors are used for the floor area in the living room, family room, and bedroom. Therefore, if you are interested, choose a glossy surface because it makes the house more attractive. In addition, you can also consider choosing a beige granite model and motif according to your taste.

Then, to look harmonious with the floor of the room, decorate your living room with minimalist guest chairs, bright-colored round dining tables, decorative tables, and flower pots. With a design like this, the atmosphere of your living room will feel romantic and warm. If you want to design your living room, we hope you can implement this design in your living room.

Golden yellow granite floor for kitchen


Almost everyone says golden yellow is a great granite floor color for luxury kitchen dwellings. This color is many applied to luxury homes that seem glamorous. However, to make your home look beautiful, you should choose an attractive and the best motif. The combination of gold and beige or brown can also be considered for a warm residence.

Then, to look more harmonious, mix the colors of the walls, fixtures, and kitchen counters with the same color. With a design like this, your kitchen will look luxurious and unique. Well, for those of you who like bright color kitchens, this design is suitable for your kitchen.

Gray granite floor pattern

The gray color is a luxurious color and has a shiny appearance. So it is suitable for minimalist homes. Gray is a great granite color, and you can apply it to your living room and terrace to make it look more stylish. So that the granite floor looks more prominent, you can combine it with brown wooden walls. This color also has a variety of motifs and models offered by various designers. For example, the gray star is a combination of light gray, dark gray, black, and white. This model is also suitable for an all-white kitchen or a monochrome room. Then to look more stunning, you can add a gray sofa set, a guest table, and a rattan lounge chair. That way, your living room will look beautiful and stunning.

Lantai adalah sebuah permukaan paling bawah dari rumah yang diinjak oleh penghuninya. Selain itu, lantai juga merupakan salah satu material penting di dalam pembuatan rumah. Bukan hanya 1 jenis saja, namun ada berbagai jenis lantai pada rumah yang bisa Anda gunakan untuk mempercantik interior ruangan sesuai dengan keinginan Anda.

White granite floor with black stripes

When you build a house, don’t forget to pay attention to the structure of the building. Then, you also need to choose the type of floor in the appropriate home. Therefore, you can select the best granite floor with a black stripe motif.

Then, pay attention to the type of floor with the interior design that you use at home. When the design is appropriate, it will create a beautiful collaboration in the house interior. So don’t hesitate to choose a striped motif. By selecting a motif, you will get comfort in the room. Then, to look more charming, complete the room with a beautiful sofa set, attractive accessories, a dining table, and decorative lights. With this design, your living room will look more lively and fun.

4. Conclusion.

If you want to design a luxury home design. We recommend choosing granite flooring. We know that granite floors can make your home look beautiful and charming. But to make your home interior look more beautiful, attractive, aesthetic, elegant, and luxurious, of course, you have to spend a lot of money so that the results are satisfying and according to your taste.

Therefore, we provide some of the best home interior designs. Then, we hope this design can be an inspiration for you. Hopefully, this article can use for you and makes your home even cool and admired by your guests.


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