– Window decorations might seems not necessary to add but actually, it can make our home interior looks prettier than doesn’t add it. We can install beautiful curtains to create a stunning interior design. There are many styles that we can apply as long as it is suitable for our home. If you want to have a beautiful, feminine, aesthetic, and fresh interior style at the same time, we recommend choosing an enchanted fairy forest. It looks attractive and suitable for any room which makes us easy to apply it. To make us have a stronger room design, we should add decorations because they can give a unique and fascinating look.

Making a beautiful interior might be complicated for some people but actually, it will be easy if we know the suitable things which should be added. It is not only related to what we attach to the wall but also we should pay attention to furniture and decoration selection. If we have a big and long window, a suitable curtain should be considered to avoid us making mistakes while choosing it. Window decorations are very necessary to be installed to create an unmonotonous concept. Today, we will give you some suitable fairy forest curtains that will be suitable for our home.

Fairy Forest Curtains Recommendations

Curtain can’t only be installed on the window but it also can cover our room which doesn’t have a door. We can also make the wall looks beautiful by applying curtains which are combined with other decorations. It is also suitable to be applied in other rooms like an aesthetic fairy dining room. There are many curtains type that we can install as long as it is preferred to our room interior. By applying it, we can create a beautiful interior design and make our room fresh. The curtain can cover our window and avoid sunlight come to our house if we feel hot. Now, let’s get to the recommendations list!

Fairy Forest Green Flower Curtains

Fairy forest curtain recommendations
Green fairy forest curtain

For those of you who don’t know, curtains are not only can cover our window but they can cover our room which doesn’t have a door. We can also make it looks more fascinating than only use a door. Curtains usage is necessary because it won’t make it look monotonous. If you ask us what the best recommendation which is suitable for kids, the answer is a green fairy forest curtain because it has a bright green color with some flowers decoration. It can make our kid’s room look beautiful and create a comfortable impression. It is also preferred to be combined with a fairy forest living room to create a stunning interior design.

Tropical Floral Pattern Curtains

Fairy forest curtains ideas
Floral pattern curtains recommendations

Do you want to create an elegant impression in a fairy forest bedroom? For those who want it, we recommend installing floral pattern curtains. It has a beautiful pattern with many colors and looks luxurious if we install it. It is suitable to be installed in the white home interior to create a beautiful neutral color combination. It is suitable for people who want to have a fascinating impression by installing a simple curtain. Besides covering our window, it also preferred to be installed in the room which doesn’t have doors.

Fairy Forest Blue Flower Pattern Curtain

Fairy forest curtains recommendation
Blue color curtains recommendation

If we want to have simple curtains which close related style to fairy forest style design, we can choose this type. A blue flower pattern curtain is suitable to be installed to create a simple beautiful room. It has transparent fabric with a beautiful pattern that will be suitable for people who want to have fascinating curtains in the summer. Although its fabric is thin, it can still cover our window from sunlight at the noon. A minimalist home with a fairy forest accent is suitable to be installed. Some people might want to have painted their walls with light grey color and they can combine it with blue curtains.

Simple White Color Curtains

Fairy forest curtains recommendations for window decorations
Basic white curtains recommendations

Beautifying window is necessary to do to make our home won’t look tedious. It shouldn’t have many patterns because a basic curtain is still suitable for fairy forest design. We can install a white curtain to create a minimalist accent and a beautiful look from its simplicity. The advantage of the basic white design is not expensive where it is preferred for people who on a budget. It also can cover our window to avoid strong sunlight come to our house. A white carpet and a simple picture can be combined to create a cozy impression.

Plants Decoration With White Curtains

Fairy forest curtains design recommendation
White curtains with fairy lights

If we don’t want only to have a white curtain, we can decorate it with fairy lights and some flowers. It is suitable for beautifying our living room and bedroom to create a comfortable impression. We should choose yellow or beige fairy lights to make our room feel warm even in the winter. It is suitable to be combined with a round pendant lamp to make a harmonious concept. By using it, we will have an Instagram-able spot to take an aesthetic selfie or ordinary photo.

Tips To Clean Moldy Curtains

We certainly feel happy if we have a beautiful curtain but it feels annoying if it has mold. Some people might feel complicated to clean it and want to know some tips to make their curtains clean again. Don’t worry about it because this time we will give some tips which might help you.

  1. Using baking soda or vinegar. To clean the curtain using the washing machine, we should add detergent and half a cup of baking soda. We can let it until the washing process is complete. If we want to rinse it off using the machine again, we should add a half cup of vinegar. After it, make sure the moldy is gone then if it is not clean, we can make a baking soda paste by using water and rub it into the moldy part.
  2. Bleach. If we don’t want to use a washing machine, we can soak the curtains in the water and bleach. Let it in one hour to make the mold gone then brush the dirty part. We can rinse it off with warm water to make it cleaner.
  3. Lemon and salt. Cutting the lemon in half and squeeze it then mix lemon juice with salt until it looks like pasta. We can rub it to the moldy curtain and let it in 30 minutes. After it, rubbing the curtain by using a wet fabric. We should clean it again with detergent and water then dry it.


Fairy forest interior design tends to have a feminine, aesthetic, and sometimes vintage impression which is suitable for kids or adults. We should choose a suitable curtain to make our room looks beautiful. It can create a stronger fairy forest interior design than doesn’t use it at all. To make our curtain always clean, we should pay attention to how do we clean it. Hopefully, by using recommendations and knowing some tips from us, we might help you to create a beautiful home design.


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