– There are many advantages that we can get if we have a backyard in our home. It is such as it can be used as a private relaxing place, fruit garden or only decorative plants, having a green place even we live in the city. It also can be used as a meditation place in the home and other advantages. Modern victorian design can be applied in the backyard because it has unique and vintage designs that are suitable for us who want to make a unique backyard concept. Some people are confused about how to choose a backyard design that is suitable for us. If we want to make feminine, vintage, and classic designs at the same time, it means a modern victorian design is suitable for you. Besides it is suitable for a backyard, this design is also preferred to apply in the home exterior and interior. If you want to apply it you can check our article about modern victorian home exterior accents and modern victorian interior design that you can read as an inspiration.

Besides home interior and exterior, this design can also be applied in the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, even a bathroom. If we apply it, we can design our home with a modern victorian design and feel like staying in the Victorian castle. We have some articles about modern victorian bedroom style ideas, small modern victorian kitchen ideas, small modern victorian dining room decorating ideas, and modern victorian bathroom design ideas that might help you if you want to desire to apply this design. Today, we will give you modern terrace backyard decorating ideas with some tips for making the backyard as you want. Hopefully, by using our ideas and tips we can help you to create a prettier and astonishing backyard.

Modern Victorian Terrace Backyard Decorating Ideas

Modern Victorian terrace backyard ideas
Add some chair and a little table to make this concept

If you have a small backyard, we can use a porcelain stone to make a terrace in our backyard. We can create a green atmosphere by adding some plants like flowers or green plants that can make our backyard look prettier and have a green concept. We should add some chairs with black color that have a soft cushion. Don’t forget to add some plants because they can make our backyard feel fresher.

Modern Victorian terrace backyard with wooden floor
Make a backyard look beautiful with coral

Who wants to make a simple design for our backyard? If we are one of them we can make this concept because it is suitable for us. We should create extra space in our backyard with wooden floors and separate it with brick walls coated with cement and wall painting to make it better-looking. We should add much coral for making this concept and add to the place that we have created. We can use a piece of wood and use it as a chair and use some decorative plants for making it astonishing. Don’t forget to add some porcelain ceramic tiles as decorations or path that can make us easier if come to this place. A sofa can be added with some pillows to make us feel comfortable staying in this place.

Modern Victorian terrace backyard
make a terraced backyard with a modern Victorian design

We can make a terrace in the backyard with porcelain stone tiles in some parts and let the rest be filled with grass. We should add vines on the brick walls and some plants as decorations. A lounge chair is suitable to add because it has a comfortable design. If we make this concept in our backyard we can have a relaxing place in the home without going anywhere.

Modern Victorian terrace backyard decorating ideas with curtain
We can use vintage stuff that suitable for this design

A feminine and vintage concept can be made with vintage stuff like a knit mat and combine with a beige or white curtain. We can add some flowers for making this terrace look more feminine and add a Tumblr to make it feel brighter at the night. Grey wooden floors can be added as pedestals to make a space in our backyard.

Modern Victorian terrace backyard design ideas
We can use a hammock for this concept

For those who want to have a bed outdoors, we can install a hammock as an alternative than add our bed to the backyard. We can make a space from wood and add some white curtains for covering it. Some lanterns can be installed in this place for making a brighter space at the night. We can choose beige furnitures and decorations to make this place have a vintage design and don’t forget to add some pillows to our chair. We can cover our roof with dried straw and a tile to make it stronger to keep out the rain.

8 Best Types Of Plants For Your Backyard Or Terrace

There are many types of plants that some people can feel necessary to choose them. They might be only chosen what they like without thinking if those plants are suitable or not for their backyard. If we choose the wrong plants, we can ruin our backyard concept and make it won’t look prettier. Climate is affected too for our plants and we have to make sure the plants are suitable to the climate in our area.

Modern Victorian terrace backyard decorating ideas
A wider place is suitable for adding a palm tree

A wider backyard or terrace in our home is very suitable if we want to add some palm trees to make a tropical atmosphere. To grow this plant, we need compost, sand, and husk charcoal in a ratio of 1:1:1. We can add a Tumblr to this tree for making it captivating in the night and make our backyard feel brighter.

Modern Victorian terrace backyard with an orange tree
An orange tree can be added to our backyard

Who wants to make their backyard have many fruit plants besides turning it into a relaxing place? If you are one of them, we can grow an orange tree in our backyard. If we have a small place where there is no space to grow a big tree, we can grow them in a pot. An orange tree does not only have pretty fruit with gorgeous orange color but it can make our backyard feel fresher.

Jasmine flower for modern Victorian terrace backyard
Jasmine flower has a good smell and prettier flower

A jasmine flower has a good smell with pretty flowers that very suits for making a modern victorian backyard. This design has an elegant concept and that’s why a jasmine flower is suitable for modern victorian. Hence, it makes our backyard doesn’t have a bad smell because the jasmine flower can make it disappear. We should grow it far from home because it can make our backyard have lots of bees

Aloe Vera is a best plant for making air feel fresher
Aloe Vera for decorations on our terrace

Some people who live in a city certainly want to make their backyard have fresher air. An aloe vera can do a good job of making our air in the backyard feel fresher. This plant can grow on a pot and add it to our terrace because it is more suitable as a terrace decoration than a backyard. We should give water once every 3 weeks and use our fingers to check the soil condition before watering. If it still feels moist don’t give water because it can make the aloe vera root decomposed.

pandanus plant to make our backyard have a good smell
We can use a pandanus plant if we don’t like the jasmine flower

Besides jasmine flowers that can make our backyard have a good smell, we can choose a pandanus plant. This plant is known as a cooking ingredient because it can make our food have a good smell. If we grow this in our backyard, it makes us don’t buy pandanus on the outside and save our expenses.

Pines tree for making modern Victorian design
Pines tree have a classy atmosphere and suits for making modern Victorian design
We can use pines fruit for decorations
Pines fruit decorations

Do you want to make a Victorian backyard? If you want to make it, you should add a pine tree. It gives our backyard a classy atmosphere with a unique design and it is suitable for our modern victorian backyard. This tree has a unique fruit that we can use to make decorations.

Snake plant at modern Victorian terrace
Snake plant is suitable for our modern Victorian terrace

An aloe vera might be not enough for making our terrace have fresh air. We should add a snake plant to make it fresher. It can also make our terrace have a prettier design and it’s easy to take care of this plant. A snake plant can be grown in a pot or only add it to our backyard land.


A modern Victorian backyard is easy to apply because it only needs some vintage furniture and some suitable plants. Hopefully, by using our ideas and recommendations you can apply this design to your backyard confidently.


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