Who’s not excited to decorate our new apartment? Of course most of them very excited to decorate it. We are so happy when successfully bought a new apartment as our home. There are many ideas for decorating our apartment but if we want to decorate it we can’t do it carelessly. The ideas about how to decorate your apartment and easy to follow it can be read as inspirations. Also, the ideas are affordable and suitable for people on a low budget. Especially the first apartment that we buy after college. Many people don’t know how to decorate their first apartment and finally wrong in the first step. This time we will give you some tips about decorating your first apartment after college so then you can learn how to decorate it.

Beautiful apartment decorations cannot be made instantly. Many people are hasty to make their pretty apartment decorations and in the end, they fail to make it. Their apartment has no concept because they make it in hurry without paying attention to the first step they have to do. We can live in the apartment but feel at home with these ideas. Also, we will give you some tips for decorating.

Step by Step About How To Decorate Our First Apartment After College

  1. Think about your concept. Don’t buy furniture without thinking about it because you may buy the wrong furniture which is not related to each other and make our apartment decoration has no concept. Many people buy random furniture and other decoration that makes their apartment look messy. The important step is to think about your concept and then buy the furniture for decoration.
  2. Complete your furniture one by one. Buying furniture one by one is important to prevent wrong purchases. Also, that makes us save our expenses and prevent it to buy the wrong furniture which is not related to our concept. If we buy the furniture all at once, we can make mistakes and have to buy new furniture again. We should make a checklist of the first piece of furniture we have to buy. For example, we can buy a bed first and then other furniture to prevent us from buying unimportant furniture.
  3. Be careful to choose furniture in the same store. We usually tempted to big discount and want to buy all the things which have a big discount but we have to avoid it. If we buy it we can spend too much money on unimportant things. Our tip is to find it from another store which could have good quality at the same price. We have to compare with others before deciding to buy it. This prevents us to buy things only based on discounts.
  4. Buy the things that show our characteristics. For example, we can buy furniture which has our favorite color to show our characteristics. If we like the aesthetic concept we can buy the furniture which has that concept. Install our photo on the wall to make our characteristic or we can change it to a quote photo and another image that we like. We also can change it to a family photo that makes our apartment feel like home like the picture below.
Apartment with our family photo
Install our family photo to our apartment


Small Apartment
Small apartment decorations make us feel at home

Some Ideas for Decorate Our First Apartment After College And Suitable For Small Apartments

If we want to change our first apartment to be an aesthetic apartment but we have a small place we can try this idea. Beige color furniture such as sofa, carpet, long table and tv in our apartment is better for it and we can have an aesthetic apartment in our small place with it. We only need some furniture which has beige color or we can change to another color as long as related to the concept. Add some photos or other decorations to our apartment to make it more aesthetic. This also makes us like living in our home. We should choose a long curtain for the stronger aesthetic concept.

Small Apartment Decorations
Decorating our small apartment to feel like home

We can set up our bed and sofa in one place don’t forget to put a television in front of the sofa. Also, we can add a little table and bookshelf to make it cozy. We should choose a beige curtain and floral wallpaper to make our room feel more comfortable. A flurry mat might be suitable for this concept and set up a grey sofa for our room. We also can add our family photos to make our apartment feel like home. A small apartment can be monotonous but we can make it look wider and tips to make a little apartment look wider might help you.

Small apartmen decoration in low budget
How to use a bookshelf to constraint between bed and sofa

A small place makes our bedroom can’t separate from our living room and we have an alternative for that. We can make a bookshelf as a divider between our bedroom and the living room. This alternative can make us have private room even in a small apartment also make it feel like home. White furniture is suitable for this idea and a comfortable small apartment with white color might suitable for you who want to have a small apartment in white concept.

Small apartment decoration
Use a curtain to make our bedroom separate to study room

We also can use a curtain and set it up in the middle between our bed and study room. Set up the curtain between it. We should add some plants on the roof to make a cozy room and make the air in our room fresher. The curtain in any color is still suitable for this concept but make sure a lamp that we use is enough to brighten us. The brighten lamp can make us feel like living in our home. A fluffy chair is very suitable for this concept and makes us comfortable in the study room.

Small apartment decorations in dark color
Decorating our apartment with dark furniture to feel like home

Who’s like the dark color? Some people more like dark color furniture as decorations for their apartment. We also can do that by choosing dark color furniture such as black, grey, dark blue, brown, and others. This idea is suitable for us if we want to make our first apartment has a dark concept. We should choose a grey sofa, and paint our wall with bright color for making our room still brighten. We can try a color combination between dark and bright colors. The combination which usually uses is a white and grey combination or any color as long as related to our dark concept. If we have plant collections we should add them because that makes our room still fresh with the dark concept and also makes the apartment feel like home.

How To Buy Furniture For Our Apartment for Make It Feel Like Home

Some people think about how to buy furniture for our first apartment because sometimes it is difficult to choose it. Many people tend to buy furniture that is not really needed. Most of us buy it based on what we want not what we need and that makes us regret it. Even though sometimes our budget after college is not too big for shop anything that we want. That’s why we must buy furniture based on what we need. This time we will give you some tips about how to buy furniture for our first apartment after college. Our tips might help us to save our expenses.

  1. Don’t buy based on what we want. Buy furniture and anything for our first apartment based on what we need. If we have a functioned bed we should not buy it again. But if we want to change it we can sell our bed and buy a new one.
  2. Don’t obsessed with discounts. Better to buy furniture at a normal price and buy the discounted furniture just once in a while. Don’t obsess with it because quality furniture is better to be bought as discounted items are not really worth buying.
  3. Choose furniture that is similar to our furniture at home. To make our apartment feel like home we should choose similar furniture in our home because that makes us remember about it. Also, these tips can make our apartment feel like home.

Living in an apartment is not a bad choice because we can change our first apartment to be similar in our home. These ideas and tips from us may help you to decorate your first apartment after college. Remember that our apartment does not need expensive furniture but we should choose the best furniture at affordable prices. These tips can help us how to save our money after college and make our first apartment have a beautiful concept. Let’s try this idea in our home also use our tips to make our apartment feel like home.





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