– Everyone wants to have a large place to live. But sometimes the desires collide with the situation. Especially, for those of you live in an urban area.

Have an apartment is easier than have a house in the city. That is why those who are interested in an apartment are bigger than the house.

There are some types of apartment in the city from the large size to the small size. But the price is certainly far different. A small apartment is cheaper. And of course, many people prefer to choose a small apartment.

But, for those of you who want to have a small apartment, do not be discouraged. You can make a little apartment look wider. Here, we have provided some tips to make a little apartment look wider. So, let’s check it out!

Room Divider

The first tip to make a little apartment look wider is using a room divider. This item will be a very useful item for your little apartment. Besides making your apartment look wider, the room divider can also be used as a place to put display. You have to decorate an apartment too to make it look beautiful. You can hang some little plants on there.

Place a room divider between the one room and the other room, like you want to divide the bedroom and living room. Try to choose a room divider that has a hollow.

Only Use Items That Are Needed

Due to limited space, you can not use many items. But, do not be discouraged. You can also make your room look beautiful and comfortable. The tip is only to use items that are needed, such as a bed, a desk, and a little wardrobe. Arrange the items as neat as possible. In this way, your apartment will look wider. Do not forget to decorate your apartment too to make it beautiful.

Add Small Carpet

You can make a little apartment look wider by adding a small carpet to the apartment. You can put it beside the bed. Try to choose a carpet that has a repeated motif. This item will give an illusion of a wider room.

Apply Bright Colors

Bright colors will reflect the light. Plus if the window in the apartment is large. So, applying bright colors to a small apartment is a great way. In this way, the small room will look wider and not stuffy. It will make you feel comfortable and want to linger here.

Place A Mirror in The Corner of The Room

The last tip to make a little apartment look wider is placing a mirror in the corner of the room. Try to choose a mirror that has a large size enough. So, the mirror will reflect the whole of the room and of course, it will make the room look bigger. You can also decorate the mirror to make your room look more beautiful and attractive. You can add a medium plant behind the mirror or decorate with the Tumblr lamp.


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