There is no doubt that a rug adds to the overall aesthetic of your living room.

They provide comfort from the cold of the room’s floor all the while complementing the room with a touch of a welcoming and cosy feeling.

Rugs are, without a doubt, a necessary must-have in every living room.

With the passing of time and cleaning however, a carpet may lose touch with its purpose.

Instead of the warm feeling, it is intended to provide, with time it may start to diminish the room as well.

The above might happen if the rug is not taken care of properly. This article advises on ways to keep your shag rug looking new.

A rug containing longer piles qualifies as a shag. Shag rugs are more often than not made of synthetic fibre and find their best applications in the living room.

They complement the luxury and elegance of a room. If you are looking to keep your shag rugs looking new, the below suggestions can help.


Using a regular and upright vacuum to clean your shag rug ends up ruining it.

The above is because of the shag rug’s thickness which means its fibres get stuck in the rotating component of your vacuum cleaner.

Instead, an upholstery attachment will do fine. Follow these steps: ease into the cleaning, following rows.

Equally important, we suggest that you turn the rug upside down and vacuum the underside to remove anything that might be stuck there.

Shacking Or Smacking

Every time you clean the rug, you should start by shaking it or hitting it against a surface.

This smacking has the effect of knocking the dirt of the rug or loosening its grip on the rug, thereby making cleaning easier eventually.

While doing this, it is advised to make sure that the dirt does not find its way to your nostrils as this may lead to allergic and asthmatic reactions.

Take note of the wind direction and allow for the flow of the wind to take the dust and debris away from you.


The most preferred cleaning agents for shag rugs is the dry carpet shampoo that happens to be in powder form.

However, you do not want to use this in cleaning your rug if you are looking to make it look new.

Getting the last of the powder of the shampoo from the rug’s fibres can be a lot of work and affect the look of your rug.

Over time it makes your carpet look old and worn out.

Therefore, though using shampoo on your rug makes it cleaner, it is not recommended if you want to keep your shag rug looking new over time.

Spot Cleaning

If kids or guests spill anything on your rug, it is advised that you first soak the spot on the rug for a while.

This will enable the soaking to get to the back of the rug. You can then perform any further cleaning after that.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, so make your living room a no-food zone to avoid such mishaps as they result in leaving stains that make your rug look old.

Consider Professional Help

Doing it yourself is always a prioritised option due to its cost-effectiveness.

However, if you are determined to take care of your shag rug and keep it looking new for the longest time possible, we suggest that you consider leaving its cleaning to the experts.

It may sound cliche, but they know best. This will mean a lot less work for you, and the results are worth every penny you spend on it.

If you apply the above suggestions, you can keep your shag rug looking new.

Remember, a nice looking rug says a lot more than you think about your living room.

From elegance to interior décor, you most certainly want to keep your shag rugs looking new.

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