– No need to ask again that bedroom is one of the favorite places at home. Sometimes, people make it as a first destination when they are tired. It is nice lying down on a mattress after day activities. But how can it be if your bedroom feels uncomfortable and boring? Of course, it will affect your rest time.

Remember that the bedroom is the main room at home, so make it feel comfortable is important and must. A boring bedroom will affect your mood all day. And this is why many people will give their effort to make their room as cozy as possible.

Especially for you who have a small bedroom, having an uncomfortable bedroom will be easier for you to get. Usually, this happens because you are wrong in arranging the items in your room. And there are too many things that will make your room feel not cozy.

So, for those of you who want to make your small bedroom feel cozy, we have provided the best tips in making your small bedroom feel cozy. So, let’s check it out!

Pay Attention to The Color of Your Room

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The first tip of Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Cozy by Following These Tips is to pay attention to the color of your room. You have to decide what the color you want is. To make your room feel more comfortable you can use neutral colors such as white, beige, grey, etc.

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Neutral Colors

There are so many colors that you can make it as a base color of your room. You can also combine one to three colors to make it look more attractive and beautiful.

Usually, people prefer to use white colors because white colors will be suitable to mix and match with any colors. But, for you who want to make your room feel warm, you can use beige as the base color of your room.

Use A Big Mirror

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A small room sometimes makes it feel stuffy. So that to make your small bedroom feel cozy you can make illustration as if your room feels spacious. You can add a big mirror to your room. You can hang it on the wall or if you do not want to bother yourself you can put in on the floor.

Besides making the room feel more spacious, the mirror will make your room brighter too. the light that enters through the window will be reflecting and make your room brighter. This is will make your small bedroom feel cozy.

Open Storage Wardrobe

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A big mistake that people do to their small bedroom is putting the cupboard into their rooms. Moreover, if the cupboard has a big size. It just will make your small bedroom look increasingly narrow. You can change the cupboard with open storage wardrobe. It will not make your room look narrow. And of course, it will make your small bedroom feel cozier.

But, there is one thing that you must pay attention to. Because it is open so you have to clean the open storage wardrobe regularly. You can clean it once a week. If you do not, the dust will stick to your clothes make the color of your clothes fade. Not only that, but it also will make the air in your room unhealthy.

Do Not Use Too Many Furniture


Because your bedroom is small so that you have to minimize the use of furniture. Use the furniture you needed, such as bed, table, open storage wardrobe, small drawers, etc. If there are too many items in your room it will make your small bedroom feel stuffy and certainty will affect the comfort of your room.

Because the bed is the main item in the bedroom and for you who do not want to use a small mattress, you can choose a short bed frame.

Mattress Without A Bed Frame

For you who feel that there are too many items in your small bedroom and you do not want to make it feel stuffy and narrow, you can avoid the bed frame. It will much better and make your room feel more comfortable.

To make your mattress feel cozy, you can add a thick blanket. In addition, it will make your bedroom feel warm especially for you who live in a cold region.

A rug to Make It Feel More Cozier

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So, the next tip of Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Cozy by Following These Tips is to use the rug. Especially for you who avoiding to use the bed frame. You can place the rug beside your mattress or you can also slip a little part of the rug under your mattress. The function is to make the look of your small bedroom neatly and beautiful.

The Plant to Make The Room Cozy

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Use the plant is the last tip of Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Cozy by Following These Tips. There are so many various sizes of plants that you can choose. Starting from the small plant to the large plant. You can choose as you want.

For the plant, do not forget to put the plant in the pot first. Adjust the pot with the size of the plant. For you who are interested in using a small plant, you can put it in the corner of your room. And for the medium plant, you can put it beside the door, table, or open storage wardrobe. For the small plant, you can put it on the table.

The color produced by the plant will make you feel relax and also make the air in the room healthy.


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