Similar to healthy eating and regular exercise, a good night’s sleep is incredibly important for good health. Several things come together to ensure that an individual is getting a quality sleep to receive its health benefits. In the hectic modern-day world, people try various kinds of tactics and equipment to make sure they quickly drift off to sleep. One such system is a mattress fan.


What Is A Mattress Fan?



It is a safer and convenient electric blanket alternative. Unlike an electric blanket, the mattress fans allow users to get cooling and heating comfort during their sleep. Plus, it comes with more features like temperature adjustment, powerful cooling, and many others. A good quality fan is capable of quickly raising a bed’s temperature and operating at a fast speed.

How Is A Mattress Fan Better Than Electric Blanket?   



Electric blankets are known for their ability to raise the temperature of a bed for some time. Although they effectively keep the bed warm, they have many limitations. A better alternative to the blanket is a bed sheet fan. It is an advanced solution with more useful features than an electric blanket and similar bed warmers. 

Below are three key reasons to pick a fan for mattress over an electric blanket:


  • More Than Just Bed Warmer  


The best electric blanket can only keep a bed warm for a few hours. What if someone wants to cool off? Here a bed sheet fan appears as the right product to pick. There are fans to keep a bed warm or cold. Couples can use their fans together to keep one side of the bed cool and the other warm. 

  • Better Performance



According to research by Good Housekeeping, a good quality electric blanket takes at least one hour to raise the temperature by 20 Degree F inside a bed. On the other hand, a mattress fan can do the same in just a minute. Also, the fan operates faster than the blanket. 

  • Safe And Easy To Clean



Electric blankets aren’t easy to clean. Also, users need to follow special instructions to ensure that the blanket works effectively after repeated washing and drying. On the other side, bed sheet fans are safer to use than blankets. They do not feature embedded wires. It means they do not cause a fire.


A mattress fan is better than an electric blanket due to its heating and cooling comfort. It’s safer, easy to use, and more comfortable than the blanket. 


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