There are many ways exist for cleaning the floor either manually or automatically. Nowadays people are moving towards automatic way for cleaning the floor. The Vacuum cleaner is the best machine for cleaning the floor automatically. Many people in this world don’t know how to use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning the efficient results. We are mentioning some useful tips related vacuum cleaner usage, we assure you if you follow these tips then you will definitely get highly efficient results.

1. Using One Time Is Not Enough

In first attempt you never clean the floor completely. You have to try more than one for cleaning the floor. Such as attached dust particles and pet hairs are very difficult to collect from the vacuum cleaner, you need to sweep cleaner several times from the top of the dust and pet hairs for collecting them. For the confirmation you can meet any pet owner, they will how much it is difficult to make the floor dust and hairs free. For removing all the hairs and dust from the floor or carpet you need to use vacuum 10 times and it is normal for every vacuum cleaner. If you don’t want to use vacuum cleaner again and again then you can use floor solutions for making the foam on the floor then after waiting some time use vacuum cleaner and collect all the dust particles.

2. Make Cleaning Schedule

It is the much important tip for cleaning the floor, you have to make cleaning schedule. If you make the schedule and clean your floor or carpet according to schedule then definitely your floor and carpet will clean and neat all the time. Using vacuum cleaner in home for cleaning once or twice a week is enough, but if you have to clean large area or places then you need to use vacuum cleaner three to five times a week to keep the place clean. We suggest you make the routine for cleaning your floor every weekend, just because on weekends you will free and you will have time to clean your floors.

3. Move your Furniture from the Floor

Before cleaning your floor try to replace your furniture like sofa, table and showcase etc from the floor, if you will not place the furniture then it is not a big deal but if you place then you can clean your floor more effectively. Moving furniture is easy when you have a large space in your house but it is not possible for people those have small houses and small rooms in the house. If you can’t move the complete furniture from the floor then you can just place your sofa and table so how you can easily clean the place where you have to sit. There are many nozzles and brushes of different sizes are available with each vacuum cleaner with the help of you them you can easily collect the dust particles without placing the furniture.

4. Use Vacuum Cleaner on Carpet

People are feeding up from cleaning the carpet manually, because in manual process carpet takes too much time in cleaning and drying. You can use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning the carpet. There are many vacuum cleaners are available in the market those are specially manufacture only for carpets cleaning. Day by day new advanced technology vacuum cleaners are launching you can see best vacuum cleaner for your carpet on the Carpet Clean View. Sometimes carpet cannot be clean complete manually because of permanent stains and pet things, so in the solution of this vacuum helps you in cleaning your carpet deeply and dust free. In some vacuum cleaners HEPA filter is exist, the purpose of this filter is to filter the dust particles and make them bacteria free.

5. Use Shampoo or Solution for Deep Cleaning

If you are regularly vacuuming your home then it will be more beneficial than vacuuming the home occasionally. When you do cleaning occasionally then you have to face permanent dust spots those are not easy to remove, for this purpose you are required to use Shampoo or solution. In this way a special shampoo or solution put on the floor then white foam will generate. That form will start attracting with the spots stains and other dirty part of the floor after that we left for some time, till it becomes dry, once it fully dry it will automatically got separated from the surface of the floor. Now turn on your vacuum cleaner and start collecting the dirt particles from the surface of the floor. Using shampoo for the cleaning purpose is very general. People use it commonly for cleaning their carpet and one more thing is that you can make the solution or shampoo by yourself you don’t need any professional assist or spend money on getting this shampoo.


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