– In this era, apartments are buildings that are in great demand by the public. Many people choose to live in apartments because of its practical location. Nowadays, apartments are built in urban centers, so it is not surprising if the apartment is loved by many people.

Now, we can choose various apartment size, starting from the large to the smallest. For those of you who have large size apartments, you do not be worried because you have so much space in your apartment. You can put the furniture and arrange it as you want. However, for those of you who have a tiny apartment, you should have a little effort.

Make a tiny apartment to be comfortable places is not easy. You have to balance between functional and comfortable. And here, for those of you who want to have a comfortable tiny apartment you can follow these tips.

Room Divider

A small room does not mean you can arrange your furniture as you wish. As we said earlier, you have to balance the functional with comfort. And of course, do not forget about the beauty of the room itself.

The first tip of Make Your Tiny Apartment To Be Comfortable Places is using a divider to divide between spot one and the other spot in your tiny apartment. The divider that you can use is furniture that has a cavity, such as a shelf and many more. Besides, you can put your small items on this shelf. With this, your items will be neatly arranged.

Double Function

The second tip of Make Your Tiny Apartment To Be Comfortable Places is making your furniture double function. You can but several shelves of the same type and size, then arrange the shelves neatly. On the shelves, you can put a thick board with colors that match the shelves. On the board, you can put your bed. It will save more space in your tiny apartment. You can use the remaining space by filling with the other furniture.

If you think the above method is quite difficult, you can use the model as shown above. Right now, you can find this furniture easily. So, you do not need to think about how to arrange it. A model like this can also save much space in your apartment.

Small Furniture

Because of a small room, it does not mean you could not use the other furniture that you want. You can still use the sofas and table in your apartment. But, you should still look at the size of these. To give an illusion for your small apartment to make it look wider, you can use the medium carpet. And try to use colorful furniture to make your room not monotonous.

Use The Hanging Self

Do you have still many items but you do not know where to put them? You can utilize the hanging shelves to solve this problem. Hanging shelves not only can make arrange your items neatly but also can be used as an empty apartment wall decoration.



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