Moving and designing a new home can be challenging. Not only are you tasked with making it look livable and comfortable but you also want it to show your personality. Both interior and exterior painting of your house should match your personal preferences. If you want home that’s truly yours and not just trendy for the time being, consider these tips in adding your own personality to your home.

  • Add Artwork and Antiques

Don’t just throw bits and pieces of artwork or odd antiques. You want to display meaningful items that make you reminisce of wonderful memories. Perhaps, you want to display grandma’s old artwork or her collection of antique ceramic plates or perhaps your mother handed down a vintage teak bench. You can even take out items from your childhood like trophies from when you won an art contest or medals from a sports contest.

Stacking books on a shelf whether you’re an avid reader or not is another way to showcase your personality. Even if you chose the books for its covers, its color or the titles, it already tells a lot about you.

  • Avoid Trendy Items

Sure that purple couch is nice and those coral throw pillows are trendy right now but do you really want it or do you want it because it’s what’s in right now? It’s not bad to add trendy items to your home but ask yourself if that’s what you really want in your home.

Tip: If you must absolutely go for a trend, opt to change your wall paint color instead which is cheaper than replacing furniture.

  • Match Room Colors with your Taste

Nothing spells personality more than color. If you love black, by all means go for it. If you’re drawn to neon highlighter colors, what’s stopping you? Often, homeowners are always worried about what their guests will think of when they see their homes. That’s a nice gesture but you’re the one living in it and you get to decide what looks good in your home. Accent walls are a better option if you’re still on the fence about painting your whole house.

Each room in your house could have a different personality but the kitchen could really use more of you. Go crazy on the different kitchen paint colors, ditch stainless steel and go for a copper sink, look out for alternative cabinet handles and be creative with your backsplash. It’s a room that’s predictable with the same fixtures and furnishings and those are things that make it a perfect canvas to personalize.

  • Create Gallery Walls

Walls make up a huge part of your home and you’ll be spending most of your days staring at it. Making gallery walls will give life to that otherwise blank wall. Personal photos are the quickest and easiest way to make that house feel like home. It’s a very personal touch that reminds you of the years that went by. Add in your child’s artworks or favorite quotes or shadow boxes that contain your treasured movie tickets from your first date. The more you add on to it, the more personal it will feel.

If gallery walls are not your thing, show off your hobbies. If you’re into biking or surfing, create a place on your wall to hang your bike or surfboard. Hang those guitars proudly even if you’re just a beginner.

  • Show off your Travel Keepsakes

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the city life, we all want to look back at our past travels. We want to be constantly reminded that we can take a break. Maybe you’re going back to Japan and you want that to be an inspiration to crawl through the remaining days till the big vacation. Putting out all the souvenirs you got from your travels are good reminders of why you’re working hard.

Have a dedicated shelf for your Matryoshka dolls, put your seashells collection in a bowl, or get a glass shelf to show off all the liquor bottles you gathered from your travels. Displaying these items tell people stories of your travels and are great conversation pieces.

The Takeaway: It’s nice to have magazines and websites as guides but copying it furniture by furniture won’t really make it your style so don’t be afraid and explore your interests, hobbies and discover more of yourself so that you can incorporate more of your style to your house. Another tip is to discuss with your family members and create a home that showcases each member’s personality.

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