The perfect mix of colors is one of the things that must be considered to create the perfect apartment design. Indeed, it sounds trivial, but it is necessary for you to know that the color combination used to design a room or apartment will be a big problem if you are wrong in making it work. There are many examples of designs from apartments that you can use, but if too much will make you confused right? Therefore we will give you a design idea from an apartment that uses black and white which is the perfect color mix.

Apartment with white black mix 1
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Apartments that have a small size do have special attention because if you are wrong in designing the room it will cause a lot of problems and one of them might make your small apartment smaller.

Apartment with white black mix 2
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There are many things to overcome the small room, the gar becomes comfortable to use and one of them uses color effects. For small rooms or small apartments, you should use bright colors or pastel colors. But we here will offer you a design idea by using white as the base color of a small room because white can give a little broad effect on what room if you mix white with a little black on every decoration or furniture in a dining room or apartment will make the design perfect and comfortable for you to use.

Apartment with white black mix 3
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In contrast to the bright colors in the room, the dark color will make the room in the Owner seem narrow, but it goes back to those of you who designed the room or apartment in ownership, but most people agree to want their small apartment to be a little spacious so it is comfortable to use and place.

Apartment with white black mix 4
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Not only the choice of color and color match, the combination of room design and design of furniture will also affect the design of a room even though it is not as big as the color effect for the room but the selection of furniture design also needs to be considered, considering that the room or part you design has a small size, That’s why it’s good if you don’t use too much furniture to place in a small room.

Apartment with white black mix 5
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And that’s our design idea this time. Hopefully, this idea will help you to create a small apartment to be more comfortable and perfect with the color idea that we suggest for you, which is a perfect mixture of white and black. Don’t forget to visit us again, because we will give you interesting design ideas every day.


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