If you are wanting your entertaining area to really stand-out and make a lasting impression, you should have a look into paving the space with travertine pavers. With their soft colours, and stylish appearance, travertine can create a radiant surface, and are a highly desirable material to add to sophisticated projects. Travertine is one classy paver! Bonita Stone imports from the finest European marble stone, so every paver is as unique as you are, and are perfect for entertainment areas that demand that little bit more style and finesse.

What is a travertine?

Travertine pavers are from natural stone, formed near hot springs and limestone caves. It is quite a rare and natural occurrence with the reaction using the natural minerals and water. As this needs a very specific environment to form, it can be a long process. The vast majority of travertine used within Australia is sourced from Turkey or Italy, as it is more readily available.. Travertine pavers are known for their density, robustness and longevity. This is why they are recommended for patios, driveways, pool surrounds, or walkways.Travertine is available in aged-tumbled, crisp clean sawn, and slightly distressed finishes, and it is recommended to discuss with an expert which is going to work best in your space.

Benefits of Travertine:

Strong, durable and easy to maintain: Travertine pavers will withstand the highs and lows of the weather extremes, and maintain their form. The stone is hard wearing, with a comparable hardness to marble. If the pavers are sealed properly, travertine is very easy to maintain, as you will only need mild detergents or pH-neutral cleaners.

Cool and soft underfoot: Travertine pavers are durable, yet feel soft under bare feet. Also, they stay cool, even in blistering hot summers. The natural stone actually absorbs the coolness from the ground beneath, which keeps the temperature controlled. This is why travertine pavers are a popular choice for outdoor application around swimming pools.

Elegant: The unique finish is a natural texture with smooth finish, these Travertine pavers really have an unmatched magical elegance about them. They are even perfect for walls and indoor applications. Outdoor Travertine pavers perth also find their application in decorative accents, cornerstones, retaining walls, and facades.

Challenges of Travertine:

Porous: Travertine pavers and tiles are susceptible to moisture absorption, as they have a porous surface. It is advised to seal the holes to reduce the stone’s porosity. This will also

protect the surface from moisture and stains, and even dust accumulation. Many buyers prefer the authentic rugged look, and are reluctant to seal the stone, however if left exposed, they can be damaged by the weather.

Price and availability: Since travertine goes through a vigorous manufacturing process, and is a relatively rare natural stone it can cost 20% or more above the cost of concrete pavers, and are not made in an abundance of sizes and thicknesses. At Bonita Stone, our standard sizes are 610 x 305mm and 610 x 406mm (thickness : 30 mm), we can also have a pool coating drop down of 80mm.

Various quality options: Being a natural product, not every slab of stone is formed equally. Therefore, there are a number of grades of travertine available. The different grades of travertine are noted by the appearance and the presence of the pores, or small holes within the stone. Travertine pavers with less pores will be considered a premium grade, whereas if there are more pores and more of a sponge-like appearance, this will be considered to be that of a commercial grade. The vast majority of natural travertine suppliers will source and sell a standard grade, as this is a happy medium between the commercial and premium grades. A popular choice is the Silver Travertine pavers in the standard grade. This quality is more than suitable for the majority of homeowners and builders because the air holes are easily filled with grout during the labour process.

Alternatives to Travertine Pavers:

After reading through this article, have you decided that maybe travertine is not for you? Whether it is the price, or the sealing and maintenance, or the availability and quality- If travertine pavers just don’t seem like quite the right option for you, there are some other alternatives to travertine pavers. Other options might include:

  • Bluestone pavers – A modern finish, with an often smooth sawn aesthetic. However, this is a lot darker colour, in comparison to the range of Travertine colours.
  • Sandstone pavers –There are numerous finishes available, and with generally low material costs; it makes it an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget. ● Granite pavers – Also created of natural materials, the costs are actually similar, but the stone has no air holing. It is actually regarded to be stronger than Travertine, but the style is very different, with colour tones and textures comparable to concrete.

While there are many alternatives of higher and lower quality and price points, if you have your heart set on travertine, or would like to know if Travertine is going to be the best fit for your project, please contact our friendly team at Bonita Stone as we would love to help! Be sure to check out our New Travertine Paver Range! It is the ultimate French pattern fusion of natural beauty and longevity. We have travelled far and wide to select this premium quality European stone, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.


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