Sports memorabilia can be a treasured household item for a lot of reasons. One is that many hold great value, and another is they can very sentimental and bring about a sense of nostalgia whenever they are glanced at. Whether you have a beloved football jersey, signed boxing gloves, or history-making photographs, our team of skilled framers can help you to put it on show. Here are 5 great benefits of getting your sports memorabilia framed.

ONE. Protect your memorabilia from damage

Sports memorabilia is one of those things that often can’t be replaced, and many things can ruin them beyond repair. Sunlight, dust, dirt, mould, rips, heat are just a few of the many. These not only affect the appearance of the memorabilia but, can devalue them significantly too.

By having your sports memorabilia professionally framed, you can keep it in tip-top shape and protect it from external damage. While getting your sports memorabilia protected is a great idea, hiring someone who doesn’t know what they are doing or someone that uses cheap products, can sometimes do more harm than good.

It is always a good idea to consider UV resistant glass for your framing, even if it is not near direct sunlight. Here at Mobile Frames 2U, we use the very best framing techniques and equipment, including UV resistant glass and matt boards and backing that are acid-free.

Using backings and matt boards that contain acid can decay paper materials and discolour fabrics. They can eat away at materials and ruin your perfectly good sporting items. A reputable sporting memorabilia framing professional will never use these types of products, so be sure to ask just in case.

When you choose us to look after your memorabilia, you can have peace of mind knowing that it will be framed to the very best standards, it will be protected, and the products we use will have no negative effect on the fabrics, not now or ever.

TWO. Ensures your sports memorabilia retains its value

There is a huge market for sports memorabilia, and when it is displayed beautifully, this can add to its value tremendously. If it hasn’t been looked after, is damaged or displayed poorly, it can detract value and even something as simple touching it can damage older sports memorabilia. The more effort that’s been put into a display and the standard it has been done to, can increase its value and make it more appealing to collectors or those that are fond of your particular type of sports memorabilia which is great if you ever decide to sell it.

Our frames are made from the highest quality timbers, and jerseys are never stretched to fit the framing, ensuring that your sports memorabilia maintains or increases its value.

THREE. Create a showstopping piece of art

The great thing about sports memorabilia is that you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like. Some things that you can include in your display are engraved plaques, medals, materials, autographs, team logos, photographs, and more. You can customise the colour scheme to create something that shows off the memorabilia in the best light and draws the eye to it. You can choose the size of the display and what goes where or if you’re not sure, our team can offer friendly and professional advice on what they think will create the biggest impact given the type of sports memorabilia you have.

FOUR. Enjoy your memorabilia

Rather than keeping your sports memorabilia framing packed up and outsight, give it the platform it deserves to be protected and on display every day. This allows you to enjoy it and look at it whenever you walk by. Sports memorabilia is also one of the few pieces of art in a home that will make your guests stop to look at it, allowing more people to enjoy your treasured pieces of sporting history.

FIVE. Pair several items together

Have you got several items that are associated with one another? Like a jersey and a team photograph? A pair of boxing gloves and trunks? Or a cricket bat and ball? You can have more than two memorabilia items together, or you can add additional items to the framing to tell a story or to add the overall aesthetics. Whatever you decide, our professional framers can display it the best way possible to create a fantastic, finished product.

Mobile Frames 2U is South East Queensland’s leading sports memorabilia framing company!

Here at Mobile Frames 2U, no corners are cut, and only the most advanced framing techniques and equipment are used to produce the highest quality sports memorabilia framing solutions in the South East Queensland region. We frame all types of different sporting memorabilia and there’s not too much we haven’t seen in the way of unique or one of a kind items. Our point of difference is we offer a comprehensive service, and we come to you at your home or place of business to pick up your items. We will run through all of your options to ensure you are entirely happy with the products and layout, and when we’re done, we simply drop the display back off to you at a time that suits. If you have sporting memorabilia that you want to protect and put on display in your home, contact us today.


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