Sheds are a great way to add space and storage in your home without breaking the bank. But, if you’re looking for an already constructed shed that’s been professionally built by professionals then it will be cheaper than building one yourself from scratch if you know what you’re doing!

The UK offers a variety of different wooden sheds. They are typically made from softwoods, such as pine or spruce; sometimes they’ll be treated with additives that make them more rot-resistant than others like cedar wood which is most expensive but also very durable in general. The great thing about this type if building material is how many options there are.

  1. What factors should you consider when deciding whether to build or buy a shed?


There are many different factors to consider before deciding whether or not building your own outdoor shed from scratch is the right choice for you. One key factor that must be weighed in this equation, price-wise – since these can vary greatly depending on where they’ll end up being built and what materials perform best with their needs!


Garden sheds can be an intimidating task for those who have never put one together before. We do come with fixing and assembly instructions, but people still ask how long it will take them to assemble their shed themselves. if you don’t want someone installing your new space saving feature on the outside of house then we’ve designed this product so that everything should go smoothly without too much trouble!

While it may seem like a lot of work, building your own garden shed is worth the effort. The feeling you get when finished and knowing that everything was made by yourself gives such satisfaction! The question is do you build one from scratch or a prebuilt one?

Premade sheds – If you’re not too familiar with the process, it will take about 4 hours to put your shed up.

From scratch – There’s no easier or more rewarding way to gain DIY skills than by building this project from scratch- depending on how experienced with woodworking/home improvement projects are willing make their own design vary greatly in terms time invested. Time is money could add up fast if not planned out ahead properly. The average time is 1 – 2 days if you have all of the materials and tools ready.

Tools & Equipment

What do you need to build your own shed? A good hammer, stakes and twine or chalk for marking out the site. You’ll also want measuring tape -accurate measurements are essential in this project! Get started with carpenter’s pencils as well safety equipment like goggles and masks since there will be sanding involved when cutting wood pieces into shape.

Premade Sheds:

Tape measure



Sand paper

Safety equipment

From scratch: Tape measure



Sand paper

Safety equipment



Hand Saw


Style of Shed

The style of shed is an important factor. Most shed designs theses days, prove you with the best stability and design to optimise the longevity of the build. Pent garden sheds provide a slightly more modern design, with a flatter roof. Whilst a more traditional design are the apex garden sheds with a pitched roof.

If you want to tailor it to your garden size or design style then it may be worth considering building your own shed, as you can use the line and curvature that is consistent with your garden.

  1. How much does it cost to build a shed compared to buying one pre-made?

A premade shed can cost from £500 to £1700, it all depends upon the size of the shed. A 6′ x 4’ building costs around £500 -700 with installation (free yourself or a couple hundred if you ask someone nicely); an 8 foot by 6 room costing about £800-900 altogether. For larger buildings like 12×8 ft ones cost can range from £1600.

The cost of materials to build a shed

A standard 6ft x 6ft wooden garden shed on a solid base would cost you around £600 to make, with treated timber. Your paying more for more than likely a similar quality of timber as you would with a premade shed, however you can adjust the length as required.

The cost of hiring a contractor to build a shed

£300-400 to build you a shed from scratch – depending on the specification. We’ve just gone with an average build with a single window opening.

The cost of buying a pre-made shed

It would be a similar cost for a premade shed, due to the suppliers being able to get a great price on their bulk purchases. Which is why they can also match the quality of timber that you would typically use. However be careful not to just flog to your local DIT store to buy one as there’s typically a poorer quality timber that isn’t as resilient.

Is planning permission required for my new garden shed?

When planning your new garden shed, it’s important to know whether you’ll need a permit. Permits are required for any sheds that cover more than half of the yard or can be seen from outside and those over 3 meters high in height with certain other requirements too! Always check with your local authority though before erecting any structure.


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