– Who does not love being in the relaxing natural landscape where the plants, water feature, and natural rocky landscape combine all together. However, we can make these things happen right in our outdoor space at home! Gardening is a good solution to get rid of all the boredom. Especially after the covid 19 pandemic issue, we are all supposed to stay at home a lot and to limit the physical social activities outside. We all know it is so much stress especially when you’re working or studying in other cities far away from your family.

Anyway, we have a solution to tackle down the situation by creating an impactful Japanese rock garden idea. Some of you might think why the Japanese garden style? Basically, there are many garden styles available to handle a stressful situation in a pandemic. But, we decide to choose one of the best garden styles that have an impactful relieving atmosphere.

What is a Japanese rock garden?

Talking about the Japanese garden design we cannot leave behind the Buddhist Zen philosophy as the core of the landscaping. This philosophy tells us about simplicity, nature, and creating a balance as a symbol of a good life. These ideas are what make the Japanese garden and also commonly called a Zen garden. As we all know Japanese gardens are based on natural landscaping. There are three major points in Japanese garden structure. The first landscaping at least contains lush green plants to embrace the natural look. The second one is that we have to create a water feature. And the last one is adding the aesthetic rock landscaping project. These three elements are integral parts of the Japanese landscaping style.

The rock garden displays some meaningful rock and stones projects. For instance, creating a group of stones around the sand to imitate the natural surroundings of the mountain. We have to say that a complete Japanese garden is displaying green lush plants, water features, and rocky landscaping styles. These three elements combine together and complement each other to embrace holy nature! Alright, without further ado, let’s see the Japanese rock garden landscaping projects down below!

The waves of the ocean

the wavs of the ocean Japanese rock garden

The first rock landscaping style represents the waves of the ocean. As we alluded to earlier, Japanese gardens do really respect nature. And for the design, it represents what nature looks like. Just like in the picture above, we can see the sand and gravel in the field, they replicate the waves of the ocean by shaping the gravel with a circular shape. The gentle moves the artist holds the sand rakes and twirl around create the geometric circular shape. Around the waves, we can put a few stones that represent a mountain or coral reef. It is such artistic landscaping that brings our mind into a calming nature setting!

The stream style rock garden project

create the stream landscaping, Japanese garden

The next rock landscape idea is featuring stream. First of all, we have to create a border, we can use the stones on each side. Not to forget the green plants also join the line. Finally, trick the water feature by adding lots of rocks or gravel generously along the way. This aesthetic project is absolutely stunning! Imagine being in the backyard garden where it has an outstanding landscaping style. For such featuring stream rock landscaping style like in the picture above. These materials are so affordable and easier to apply. We need natural materials such as stones, rocks, gravel, and some shrubs. Having this DIY stream project will enhance the beauty of our garden and more than that. This makes our garden looks more meaningful and artistic to the eye, such lovely calming gardening!

Create a natural bridge in the rock landscaping

the bridge rock garden landscaping

Another creative and calming Japanese rock garden landscaping is featuring a natural bridge made from stacking stones. Here we want to make a river scenery complete with the bridge and lush green plants around. Well, to create a relaxing setting, we can grow the Japanese tree maple or Japanese oak tree around. Then, clean up the ground and start to put the gravel all around the surface. Finally, the hardest thing to do in this landscaping is to create a bridge!

Stacking stones above the surface are not easy as we look. We need to use our instinct and creativity to create an artistic bridge project. Put the large stone also easy to handle, so make sure you need the tool or machine which can make your work faster and safer. Combining the medium stones and large stones to create the line and create a bridge. Given the aesthetic decoration, we can put some pagoda lanterns in the few point of the bridge. And don’t forget to include green plants in the decoration. It is such an impactful green space that will make our minds and soul filled with positive energy. Let’s come close to nature and start gardening immediately!

Create the aesthetic little island idea in your backyard!

little island in Japanese rock garden landscaping

Are you thinking about the perfect backyard design idea that could relieve the stress? Well, we have the aesthetic Japanese rock garden that displays natural beauty and meaningful landscaping style! Here we have the idea to transform your backyard to be a beautiful little island idea. Starting off to point to the spot where we can create the little island concept. We can make a circle on the ground and then put the grass, rocks, and tiny tree to look like a small island. After we have done creating some small islands on the ground. Now, it’s time to spread out gravel onto the whole surface of the ground except the little islands we have made. In the end, you will be amazed at how beautiful this project is. Showing the mini islands around the white gravel. It looks like a tiny island surrounded by an ocean view, which is spectacular!


Japanese garden holds up the simplicity and the balance of natural beauty. In designing their green outdoor space, they tend to choose natural materials to create an impactful relaxing garden design. In this writing, we highlight the three important structures that hold Japanese gardens. At least we have to feature the green lush plants, water feature, and rock garden aesthetic. When these natural elements combine together, it creates incredible natural scenery which helps us to feel more relaxed. In this writing, we have brought you some outstanding rock garden projects that will infuse the outdoor space with an artistic landscaping project! We hope you enjoy the designs and make sure to get the highlights points we have told. If you feel bored and need something refreshing, you could definitely get rid of boredom by creating the aesthetic Japanese landscaping project. Happy gardening everybody!


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