There’s no room for cutting corners, leaving things up to chance or attempting a quick fix on your own when your home has a gas line issue. While natural gas is both common and safe, the potential hazards involved create a delicate situation for homeowners. It’s important to know when to call in the experts. Here’s a look at the obvious signs that your gas line is damaged or compromised:

  • The utility bill from the gas company is suddenly much higher even though your usage has remained the same.
  • Your gas line is generating sounds.
  • Your family is feeling ill or lightheaded without explanation.
  • There is an odor of “rotten eggs” in your home. While that smell isn’t actually the smell of the gas that’s seeping into your home, it is an indicator that gas companies use to alert homeowners to the fact that a leak is happening.

A problem with your gas line won’t go away on its own! In fact, the problem will escalate until you have a very dangerous situation on your hands. Damaged and leaking gas lines can cause everything from explosions to lethal poisoning. If your home is a few years old, having your gas pipes inspected regularly can be important because the natural erosion of pipes that occurs over time can lead to leaks.

Can Plumbers Help With Your Gas Line?

Yes, plumbers can assist with your gas line in many cases. Many plumbers have special training that enables them to work on the piping that carries natural gas throughout your home. However, not every plumber is qualified to do this. First, always make sure that you’re working with a licensed and insured plumbing company when bringing a contractor in to work on a natural gas job. Next, ask for information on the types of gas jobs the company has performed in the past. Some common natural gas services offered by licensed plumbers can include:

  • Gas line inspections.
  • Gas line repairs.
  • Gas line installation.
  • Gas line maintenance.
  • Adding flexible gas lines for appliances.
  • Leak prevention.

While a natural gas plumber may have the right training to work on a gas line, that doesn’t mean that the plumber will necessarily handle the job alone. It’s often necessary for a plumber to work in collaboration with your gas company to ensure a safe project! It’s very important for homeowners to know the basics of gas line safety if they suspect that a gas leak is present in their home. If you suspect that there’s a leak, it’s important to call in a professional right away. If possible, follow these steps for suspected gas line damage or leakage:

  • Turn off the gas valves in your home.
  • Open doors and windows.
  • Avoid using any appliances.
  • Avoid turning on power switches.
  • Avoid lighting a flame.
  • Do not use a flashlight unless it’s a safety-rated flashlight.
  • Leave your home.

While gas is often odorless and invisible, people who have been exposed to gas may feel fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness and nausea. Homeowners shouldn’t attempt to repair or diagnose a gas leak on their own. In fact, “tinkering” with your pipes could speed up the leak with devastating consequences.

Finding Gas Line Repair Services

If you’re having an issue with your gas line in Chantilly, be sure to follow all safety protocols for getting out of danger! Next, place a call to a gas line repair services in chantilly and they can help by inspecting your pipes to check for any red flags that might require maintenance or repairs. If a pipe is beyond repair, a plumber can assist with safely replacing the pipe.


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