– Sometimes, working always makes us feel stressed and make us want to feel a different atmosphere while staying at home. Especially, in this pandemic because of covid-19, we can’t go anywhere that we want to go. Some people want to see a blue and beige view with cool air that blows to us. Then, where we can get it? Of course, you should go to a beach and having a relaxing time there. The beach has a blue sky and sea with a beige sand view. But, can we still get it if we can’t go anywhere? Don’t worry we can still get it with a nautical design that we apply to our bathroom.

If you love the sand and sea, these nautical bathroom walls and tiles decor ideas are suitable for you. Also, with our furniture recommendation, they might be more helpful for you to apply this design. If we like to feel near the ocean where it will be the quiet, relaxed vibe of the nautical life, why don’t re-make the feel directly in our bathroom? In fact, which better spot to have the appearance of the seashore and everything nautical in every room that already centers around water? Today, we will help you to apply this design to your bathroom.

Nautical Bathroom Wall And Tiles Decor Ideas

For those of you who want to have a fresh and unique bathroom where it won’t be complicated to make it, a nautical design suits you. Have you ever imagine you have a relaxing place while bathing in your home? If you ever imagined it, we can create it with a nautical design that we will apply. This time we will give you nautical wall and tile decor ideas that might help you to apply the design.

Nautical wall and tiles decor ideas with furniture recommendation
A mural or wallpaper on the ceiling can make our bathroom look fascinating

Do you want to have a fascinating bathroom style in your home? If you want, we can apply a nautical design to it by using hexagonal bathroom tiles. Also, to make it more fascinating we can make a mural in the room ceiling. It can make it having more a unique atmosphere that doesn’t use it. We should use blue and white hexagonal tiles to make a stronger nautical design. For making it feel brighter and have a characteristic we should use a downlight ceiling lamp. A dark blue and white cabinet can be added to our bathroom to make it have a harmonious concept in color selection.

Nautical bathroom wall and tiles ideas
Apply a nautical design with blue and marble tiles

To apply a nautical design in our bathroom we should use colors that are related to the ocean like the dark, sky, or light blue. If we want to have a variation in a design that we will apply, we can combine blue with marble tiles. It also makes our bathroom tend to have an aesthetic look. A bathroom mirror cabinet can be added to our room to make it look impressive and pretty. We can also add a small plant to our room because it can make it have fresh air.

Nautical bathroom wall and tiles ideas
Dark blue and white color to apply a nautical design

A dark blue color is preferred for applying this concept because it can give a simple concept but still looks amazing. For furniture that we will use, white furniture is very suitable for dark blue tiles on the wall and floor. A wall lamp can be added to our bathroom to make it feel brighter. This concept also can be applied in a small bathroom to create a comfortable bathroom that will make it prettier.

Nautical bathroom wall and tiles ideas
Ship wallpaper and round mirror as decorations

We should apply a ship wallpaper to our bathroom to make this concept. It can also make it have a stronger nautical design because a ship is related to it. White hexagonal tiles can be applied to our bathroom to make it feel brighter. To make it look gorgeous we should add a round mirror to the wall. A navy and white cabinet can be added to make it have a harmonious concept in color selection. Before applying a design to our bathroom, we should know more about modern nautical coastal interior style to avoid us make a mistake while applying it.

Nautical bathroom wall and tiles ideas
A dark blue ship wallpaper with wooden furniture in the bathroom

White brick ceramic tiles with blue color accents suit our bathroom and give a fascinating look that won’t be found in any design. The furniture that will be preferred for this concept is wooden materials. We should add it to make have a variation in furniture selection. We can add a rattan mirror to the wall to make this concept have a natural concept. Don’t forget to add a lamp above a rattan mirror to make it have sufficient lighting.

Sometimes we don’t know how to change our bathroom design into the new design that we want. We should change the design frequently to make it doesn’t monotonous. But how to know it’s time to change our bathroom design? 6 ways to know it’s time for a renovation can tell you how to know to change our bathroom design or decoration.

Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles Type

A bathroom is one of the most crucial rooms in the house. In terms of function, of course, it is very important to use it every day. We have to pay attention to furniture materials and anything that we will add to the bathroom. We should choose the right tiles that will be used there. Now, we will give you some tips for choosing tiles materials for our bathroom.

Marble bathroom tiles
Marble bathroom tiles give a luxurious atmosphere

For those who want to have a luxurious concept in their bathroom, marble tiles are very suitable for you. It can be combined with another decorating idea for the bathroom to make it look enchanting. The marble tiles can be also safe while applying in our bathroom because it doesn’t make us feel slippery while walking. It also has a unique pattern that won’t be found in any tiles.

Blue ceramic tiles
We can apply ceramic tiles

If we want to apply a nautical design in our bathroom we can apply blue ceramic tiles. This type is very cheap and not complicated to clean. It can also make it look pretty even the tile itself has a simple concept.

Wooden bathroom tiles
Wooden tiles give a cozy look

Who wants to have a cozy concept and want to combine it with a nautical design? If you are one of them, we can apply wooden tiles to our bathroom. Don’t forget to add some nautical decoration to make it beautiful. For walls, we should use marble tile to make them look gorgeous and luxurious at the same time.


A nautical interior design is very suitable for a bathroom because it can give us a fresh atmosphere. Actually, the design is very fascinating and unique if we apply it in our bathroom. It is also suitable for people who love the beach or ocean because they are very close. Hopefully, by using our ideas and tips we might help you to make it.