Maximize your attic space by following these essential tips that will help declutter your home while making sure you always know where everything is.

1) Make Access Easier

Many homes have the traditional attic that pops open from the ceiling of the top floor. These types of attics are difficult to reach so often people just throw things up there. Or they have to search around the house for a step ladder or another less than practical and safe way to get to the attic.

By installing an attached ladder to the entryway, it can make getting up to the attic a breeze. Not only that, you can be sure it’s stable and secure making it much easier when you need to transfer heavier objects back and forth.

2) Shelves are Key

Think about the rest of your home. You have shelves in every room that help keeps things tidy. You should do the same in your attic. The best are wall-mounted shelves so you can put everything into specific locations.

For example, you can have one corner for the Christmas decorations, one for the old family heirlooms and another for things you might need to access a little more frequently such as winter or summer clothes or large kitchen accessories like slow-cookers and toaster ovens.

3) Create Air Circulation with a Fan

We all know that musty attic smell. Since the attic is at the top part of your house, that makes it’s also the hottest. This means in summer months, your things are sitting in a hot, musty room that will make them fall apart over time.

Attic fans work wonders to create circulation that will not only make the space comfortable for when you need to access it, but also help preserve your things better. You can also use attic fans as a creative home cooling solution to cycling the hot air out of the house.

4) Do a Thorough Attic Cleaning Every Few Months

It’s nobody’s idea of a good time, to clean the attic. But regular upkeep will make it much easier so you don’t have to have a massive cleanup down the road. Not only this, you can make sure that there aren’t any water leaks from the roof or rodents nesting in the attic who might tear up your stuff.

Also, periodically considering recycling or donating any ideas you are certain you won’t use again. A good rule is that if you haven’t used something in over a year, then you probably don’t need it!

Attic Storage Space Solutions

The attic is most often the most overlooked room of any house. But it fills such a vital role in creating an additional space that keeps the rest of your home tidy. Follow these simple steps so you can be sure your house will always look its best. There are so many ways to clean up your home. From new insulation to air duct repairs, attic cleanups and more. Make the best of your living space by implementing consistent organization and maintenance.


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