If you own or manage a parking lot you’d agree to the fact that lighting is one of the most important components of your operations. Whether it is outside your retail store or office poor lighting can portray a poor image of your business something you’d like to avoid at all costs. It is important for the safety aspect of the parking lot at the same time also adds to its aesthetic appeal. But have you thought about switching to LED parking lot lights? Its time you should and there are several good reasons why you should upgrade and embrace this modern technology like most of your business rivals are doing –

# Bring Down Energy Bills

Who doesn’t like reducing the operational expenditure? It does let you improve your bottomline and also increase your profits leaving aside more money for promotional activities. By switching over to LED parking lot lights you’d be able to bring down the cost of lighting your parking lots by as much as 70% and even more in some cases. Traditional HID lights are energy hungry and contribute substantially to your energy bills. If you have a large parking area to cover such as is the case with car dealerships or large retail stores this can lead to savings of hundreds of dollars every month.

# Long Service Life

If reduced energy bills doesn’t sound good enough by switching to LED lights you would also benefit it terms of recurring expenditure that goes towards replacing and maintaining these lights. LED lights have an average life span of about 50000 hours which almost 4-5 times that of traditional HID lights. Also you won’t have to spend as much effort in maintaining them as compared traditional HID lights and it approximately requires about one-third maintenance. This not only ensures further cost saving of replacing and maintaining them but also reduces all the hassles that are involved in the process.

# Gain Control over Lighting

HID lighting is a technology of the bygone era. With LED lights you have better control over how you operate them. You can easily pair them with adaptive control system that would give you complete control over how the parking lot is lit. If the lot is in partial use during off-peak hours you can further bring down the operational costs by switching on lights that are necessary while switching off those that aren’t required. If you are willing to spend more you can opt for a sensor based lighting system that would offer you complete hands free control over which areas of parking lot should be lit and where the lights should be switched off when the area is not in use.

# Uniformity in Lighting

One of the major downsides of the traditional HID lights was the very manner in which they’d light up your parking lots. You’d see extremely bright areas below the area where these high intensity lights would fall which are termed as hot spots and just next to these areas you’d find dark areas that often posed a security risk. It is practically very challenging to achieve uniformity in brightness throughout the parking lot using these lights. Since LED parking lot lighting system has more emitters as compared to HID type of lighting you will be able to achieve uniform lighting around your entire parking area making them safer.

# Increase Safety

The primary reason for installing parking lot lights is to ensure safety of the vehicles as well as the people who own and drive them. As we have discussed above by ensuring uniformity of lighting in your entire parking lot you will also be able to make the area more secure than it is now. This can serve as big advantage for prospective clients and customers who are concerned about the safety of their vehicles when they choose a place to park it.
Are you ready to embrace all these benefits by switching to LED parking lot lights? Get in touch with a reputable company that can plan and offer you tailored solutions to meet the needs with parking lot lighting and help you bring down the cost of operating a parking lot significantly.

Summary: In this write-up we share some reasons for you to switch over to LED parking lot lights and the benefits it brings along.


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