As we often say that apartments are now an alternative for someone to be a place to live or to change the function of the house for various reasons. Not all apartments have a large size even now more apartments have a small size because this apartment is chosen as a temporary residence for someone who has a job far from their home. Having a small apartment does not mean you cannot have a comfortable apartment, with the right design you can create a comfortable apartment.

Small Apartment

A small room or a small apartment is often a problem for someone. But now that is no longer an excuse because now there are many ways that can be done to make a small apartment more comfortable, it all depends on how they design the small apartment they have.

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Design Concepts Suitable for Small Apartments

when designing it is very important for someone to determine a concept first and this also applies to you. Especially if you have a house or a small apartment, eating the right concept is very important because if you wrongly design or determine the concept it can be that the apartment you are designing becomes uncomfortable or even narrower.

Minimalist Concept

Of the many design concepts, the minimalist concept is very suitable for use in small spaces even for small apartments, because this minimalist concept has a not too flashy design and the colors used are very suitable for small apartments.

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Decoration For Small Apartments

Most people are reluctant to decorate small apparatus because they have too many decorations to make small apartments even smaller. Though the decoration process is the final stage to support a design concept that can make a room or apartment become more comfortable and beautiful to see. Take it easy, you don’t need to use a lot of decorations for small apartments, just by designing the floor and furniture design selection furniture can be a solution to make a small apartment more comfortable.

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Wood Parquet Floor

If your apartment floor is usually designed using ceramics, you can try it using wooden parquet that has a unique style and design and there are even some designs of wooden parquet that have natural wood colors that are so beautiful.

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Multifunction Furniture

The small size of the room often makes it difficult for us to use large bulbs or lots of storage. But now that is no longer an excuse for you to think about because now there are many multifunctional types of furniture with unique and interesting designs.

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