As the development of the age of changing the function of the bathroom becomes diverse and it affects the design of the bathroom from the start of equipment to the ever-changing architecture as well. Here we will give some examples of bathroom design with minimalist design and elegant look.


this room is not too important if it has a look interesting, but with the development of the era of the bathroom into a room that requires an attractive design so that people who use the room to feel comfortable with the design and complete equipment in the bathroom.

Creating Bathroom Design

The first step you should do when you want to paint the room is to choose the concept. Choosing an important concept to do because this will simplify every process of designing. There are many concepts that can be selected like modern, classic, nature, and many others, but this time we will give you some examples of the design of the concept of minimalism because this concept has a lot of interest.

The concept of Minimalism

The concept of minimalism in addition to many in the interest because it is easy to get because many stores that provide for this concept, other than that the stuff or furniture is a lot of models and easy to get. The concept of mini malis usually uses clear colors like black, white, and other similar colors. No wonder this concept becomes in the interest because the color in use is perfect for the bathroom that will give the impression of the room.

Examples of Minimalist Design

The first design example is very simple bat look elegant.

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Concept or minimalist design does have characteristic colors that tend to be neutral so you can put decorations such as flowers or plants to add freshly to your bathroom room.

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And this one is an example of a modern minimalist design that uses symmetrical furniture that will look elegant. How are you interested ?.

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The next design uses a wood material as a decoration on the bathroom wall that shows an elegant minimalist design.

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The latter is very interesting with dark colors that are produced from the distinctive color of stone or marble lining the walls and tiles of the bathroom. The color of the marble gives the impression of a unique luxury and this can make your tiles not slippery so this is an advantage for you too, of course.

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Well, where is it? you have determined what kind of design you like for the bathroom you want to make. Find interesting design other that we always provide for you and certainly can make you easy to design an interesting design with some photos that we give you, so do not forget to visit again and get other information.


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