Looking for a really great inspiration for you boys? Sometimes, they could be difficult to guess as we have to fit to their needs. Today, we would like to share kids bedroom design which is easy to apply. We can ensure the cost would not be so expensive so you can follow it right away.

Talking about kids bedroom, we will separate 2 categories which come from 5 years old boy to 8 years old boy. Each design would have different ideas and also a concept.

5 Years Old Boy

Everyone knows that 5 years old boy is kinda active as they have a curiosity about this world. That is why we have to support this one by designing their bedroom into something original and unique.

The best car concept for your kid’s bedroom, there are also some dolls that can make it more interesting.

A green concept which looks simple but adorable. Your son should love this one since it looks great with its simplicity.

Superheroes can be a good theme for your boys as they can explore their world. Besides that, their imagination can also be sharpened.

Those 3 designs can inspire your son. Do not worry, this won’t cost lots of money. We try to minimize the cost. You can also improve it by yourself. It would depend on you about how can you turn it into something new.

8 Years Old Boy

They are on the way to be a teenager that is why we have to prepare bedroom design which is related to teenage style. Once again, the designs listed would be easy to use and we can ensure both you and your son will love it so much.

The first image uses a wooden concept. It looks quite traditional but we can ensure your boy would love it so much and there does not contain lots of furniture.

This design should be suitable if your son loves a neat thing. He can start putting some stuff that he could think it should be placed properly.

If you think that your son has a passion for music or art. Then, this design should be implemented to increase their passion.

Do not forget to check other design related to kid bedrooms. If you have any question regarding the design above. You may ask us anytime, it would be our pleasure to answer all your question regarding this bedroom design for boys.


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