– Some people might have a bad smell in their fridge or cupboard but they don’t know how to make it gone. It can bother us because make our home doesn’t have good hygiene. It also makes our food will have a different taste and give many effects on our health. Besides the fridge, sometimes our cupboard has a bad smell whereas we save our clothes in there. It can make us have a bad smell while wearing cloth. Today, we will give you some tips to make your fridge and cupboard have a good smell. It might help you to make them always clean and make us comfortable to use them.

Should We Clean Our Fridge Often?

Tips to make a fridge have a good smell
Using natural ingredients to create a good smell

If we see our fridge doesn’t dirty, we don’t need to clean it because we can damage it. We only need to wipe it with a wet fabric if it has spilled food stains because it is enough to make it always have a good smell. Avoid keeping food for a long time and waste it if we feel it can be eaten again. Stale food can make our fridge have a bad smell then make it has many germs that can affect our health.

Tips To Make Your Fridge Have A Good Smell

In this article, we will give you some tips to make your fridge have a good smell. It is easy to do and we will recommend some natural ingredients that can be used for it. We don’t need to use our money so that’s why it is suitable for people who are on a budget. We guarantee you will have a fridge in better condition if you use our tips. It is easy to be used and doesn’t make you feel complicated. Now, let’s get to the list!

Baking Soda

It is very simple because we only need to open a baking soda and save it to the fridge for 24 hours. After using it, don’t forget to waste it because it can be used again for your food.


You can spread coffee that has been ground on a plate and add it to the fridge. We can also put used coffee grounds to make it have a good smell. A unique aroma from it can make our fridge have a better condition so we can feel confident while opening it in front of many people.


If you have vanilla extract, we can mix it with water but if it is liquid, we can dip cotton into the vanilla extract then add it to the fridge to create a sweet smell.


We can add a teabag that has been used to the bowl or a cup then add it to the fridge for a few hours.


We can slice lime by using a knife then placing it on the plate and save it to the fridge to make a bed smell gone.


Mixing 3 handfuls of salt with 3 liters of water and dipping a fabric to it then wiping your fridge by using the wet fabric so it can give you a good smell and clean impression.


Squeezing lemon and add lemon juice to a little bowl then adding it to the fridge for 3-4 hours.


Pouring vinegar into a little bowl and save it in the fridge until a bad smell is gone.


Oatmeal is delicious food and healthy so many people like it and we can eat it for breakfast or snack. It can be added to the bowl or plate and saved in the fridge until it has a good scent.

Tips To Make Your Cupboard Have A Good Smell

Tips to clean a cupboard
A good smell in the cupboard

These tips are certainly good for people who have a bad smell in the cupboard. You can use our tips because it is important to keep it always has a good scent. If the smell is terrible, our clothes can’t be worn because they will not make us feel confident. Besides it, we can feel uncomfortable while opening the cupboard and choosing the clothes that we will be worn. We should clean the cupboard often to make it have a good scent and make us feel easy to choose the cloth.

Clean Cupboards Regularly

Taking out our clothes from a cupboard then cleaning the cupboard using a feather duster to make dust gone. We can use a wet fabric and wipe it to make it cleaner because the feather duster is not enough to clean the cupboard. Clean it again using a dry fabric to make the mold can’t attach to it. A varnish spray can be used to make a shiny impression and create a new look.

Giving Fresh Air

After we clean a cupboard, we should not add our clothes for 2-3 days to give it fresh air and make it have a good fragrance. Good circulation can make it fresh and free from musty odors.

Using Coffee Grounds

Besides we can use coffee grounds for making our fridge have a good smell, we can also use it for our cupboards. We can add it to a small bowl or plate and save it in the cupboard then don’t forget to change it occasionally.

Rearrange A Cupboard

Don’t add a cupboard directly against the wall. It cannot make smooth air circulation and create a moldy with a bad smell. So, we should pay attention to a place that we will add a the cupboard later.

DIY Fragrance

If you have lavender or jasmine, we recommend making a DIY fragrance bag to create a good smell for your cupboard. We can add some flowers petals to the fabric and tie it by using a thread then hang it to the cupboard. They will certainly create an amazing fragrance where it creates a good scent and also make your clothes have a fresh smell.


It is important to make our cupboard or fridge have a good smell because we can feel confident while opening it in front of our guests. We should pay attention to it and cleaning the cupboard and fridge properly. If you have some other tips, you can write for us and give us your information that might useful for many people.


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