Style and Decor Changes with Generations

The most talked about generations are the baby boomers, the millennials and the newest of generation Z. Each set of the generations are different in age and therefore have very different tastes in home decor, style and colors, or do they? Some similarities do exist between generations, but not entirely.

10 Home Designs that Suit Generation Z

Generation Z are the people who were born from about the mid 1990’s to the early 2000’s or loosely 1995 to 2010. This generation is very tech savvy and has been exposed to the internet and social media as well as mobile systems from a very young age. They are soon to be furnishing their own homes in their favorite design styles. Their sense of style, preferences and tastes are unique and show a bold statement in their individuality. Generation Z values innovation, creativity and individuality in their interior design trends. Read on to see a comparison with other generations to see the differences and similarities.

The Baby Boomers Style

The Baby Boomer generation was born between the years of 1946 and 1964. Their style is a refined rustic design and they are more likely to live in the suburbs than in a large city. They may have traded in their apartment for a home and they prioritize being closer to nature and wanting their home to be comfortable. Refined rustic decor blends informal decor with classic design in a beautiful style. Their homes tend to have a more traditional feel and much more space for a perfect backdrop for their favorite classic pieces of furniture.

The Millennials Style

The nest generation is the millennials. They are comprised of people born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s. Their design style is mid century modern in a combination of minimalist and mid century modern. Millennials usually live in the city and like simple furniture that is more open and less bulky, is therefore not pretentious and instead is livable as a comfortable and stylish choice. Millennials that live in urban areas tend to incorporate industrial aesthetics with converted lofts and newer buildings that mimic the feel of a loft.

Generation Z Style

The results for the generation Z style focus mainly on the older people that are in their early twenties. They are into rustic warmth. They love the classic styles with which they layer them with informal twists to make a completely new rustic style all of their own. They love overstuffed furniture, lots of textures in their window treatments and throw pillows as well as vintage collections that can be slightly formal.

Generation Z Colors

Generation Z says out with the millennial pink and bring on the younger generation colors of greens, blues and yellows. Yellows are the most popular in shades of mustard and jewel tones that are bright and cheery. They seek out a color scheme to make their decor pop out. Their favorite color scheme is Gen Z yellow that is bright, positive and it definitely demands attention.

Statement Walls and Pieces

Gen Z loves to use their bright and cheerful yellow color into all rooms of their home. You will quite often see a statement wall in bright, popping yellow with the same shade in the window treatments and throw pillows in a room. Gen Z is so committed to their yellow that they will also paint the air vents in the same shocking yellow instead of leaving it white on a statement wall.

Classic with a Twist

Our new modern generation rejects the millennial trends. It desires the classic styles with the addition of a twist. They use curved furniture bought online after doing research more often. However, they do also like the rustic warmth in furniture, which was also liked by Gen X. This tends to show that trends and styles do move in cycles.

Where Masculine Meets Feminine

Gen Z also loves the warmth of wood in the interiors with a mixture of masculine and feminine in home furnishings for perfect harmony in any room. The key to blending both styles is to have textiles of both mixed throughout each room with the same amount of saturation of each of the two styles.

Handmade Items of Beauty

Gen X loves to include handmade items in their decor objects. They tend to want to be seen and heard and will choose items that aren’t the same thing to express their style and tastes. They enjoy handmade artisan products of all types including blown glass figurines, hand made lampshades with soft textiles on them and many different and intricate styles of items made from pottery in their favorite colors of bright yellow, blue or green hues.

Advocates of Going Green

They are also a great advocate of going green by using sustainable and recycled materials to make them feel in touch with nature and their roots. They are pushing the move to espresso their individuality by seeking out the recycled furniture and decor rather than mass produced objects. They utilize home spaces by using materials like jute and rope.

Green Window Treatments

Gen Z insists on having only green window treatments. They will invest in beautiful wood or faux wood blinds with a gorgeous dark mahogany stain or a coffee color to offset the brightness of colors in a room. This generation also loves woven wood blinds for a more informal space such as in the kitchen and will often match the color palette to their cabinets to blend in smoothly.

Upholstered Furniture

Gen Z loves overstuffed furniture in the living room in soft fabrics to snuggle into them and feel completely at peace. You can find all of their chairs in the living room and dining room with fully upholstered seats and backs and most probably highly decorated with nail head trim.

Mix and Match

Generation Z doesn’t believe that all items must match perfectly. You will often find the chairs in a dining room are slightly different from each other in their construction because they are most likely finds from a flea market. However, they are picky about the upholstery or color scheme of the paint. All of the chairs although a different design must contain some of the same yellow, blue or green hues to be called a match in their eyes.

Generation Z yellow will be taking the world by storm very soon. You will find many textiles in their color schemes that will be hitting the decor world very soon. You can get into the Gen z decor now to be ahead of the curve of their stylish and demanding design.


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