Your sleep plays a very important role when it comes to maintaining your overall health. If you wake up irritated or tired even after sleeping enough for the night, chances are you aren’t getting the kind of sleep that you should.

But to your surprise, your mattress might be the real culprit here. Let us explain in more detail below how your mattress affects your sleep and overall health.

Stress Levels

Studies show that a good night’s sleep can go a long way in helping you find relief from your stress. However, if your mattress is too old, it may not help you get any relief from your stress even after sleeping enough.

This is one of the reasons you shouldn’t be using a mattress that’s older than 8 years, as a mattress that old may not be helping you with your stress levels at all.


Yes, an old mattress is often also associated with different types of allergies, simply because it’s usually home to millions of allergy-causing bacteria and dust mites.

This is a very common problem as about 20 million Americans suffer from such allergies every year.

While Better Sleep Council recommended period cleaning as one way to avoid falling prey to such allergies, even that may not help if your mattress is too old.

Buying a mattress protector with a new mattress may help prolong the life of the mattress without making you vulnerable to said allergies.

Back Pain

Old and bad types of mattresses can cause back pain and other issues over time. This is the reason you must be careful about the type of mattress you’re purchasing.

Something like an ultra-plush mattress might sound amazing to sleep on, but it can be a terrible choice for your back.

Stubborn Fatigue

While occasional fatigue due to being overworked is understandable, some people start experiencing a stubborn feeling of fatigue that refuses to go away.

If you’re experiencing such fatigue even after sleeping enough, your mattress might be to blame. An old mattress often offers a lower quality of sleep that can lead to such issues.

Body Pain

Many people ignore the lumps being formed on their mattress, but they are usually a sign of the wear and tear the mattress has experienced over the years.

If you continue sleeping on such a mattress, you may start having difficulty in sleeping as well as other issues like body ache.

Back and Neck Issues

Just like the above issue, a poor or damaged mattress can also harm your back and neck.

If your mattress produces a creaking sound when you toss and turn in it, it may indicate that the springs of your mattress aren’t functioning the way they should.

This leads to poor support for your neck and back which often leads to the said issues.


While insomnia is a more complicated issue, a poor and old mattress often has a significant role to play in it.

9 in every 10 people feel that a good mattress is a necessity when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. And when your mattress isn’t providing that, it may contribute to bigger issues like insomnia too besides the ones we discussed above.


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