As we step forward into a new year, it’s interesting to examine how construction trends are evolving. And one of the most significant trends is that multi-family living situations are skyrocketing in popularity. Between an economy that makes home ownership more challenging than in previous decades and the style with which apartments and condos are being built, it’s no wonder that homeowners are making this choice for themselves and their families.

But the tendency to choose multi-family homes is just a baseline that drives several trends. Looking at these trends can help us understand the correct choices for the construction industry to make when it comes to tools for a given project.

Building Height

In cities in particular, we are at a point where building outward is no longer feasible. For many buildings, the only direction to grow is up. And that’s in keeping with the trends. More and more people are in search of apartments, so more and more apartments must be available. To make this possible, apartment building owners are likely to see the benefits in upward expansion.

But expanding upward is a huge project, because taller buildings require deeper foundations. Fortunately, proprietors of cement saws are equipped for these projects. A good quality cement saw can cut through the existing foundation until the dirt below is exposed. The renovation team would then need to dig to the proper depth before laying a new, deeper foundation.

It’s a massive undertaking. But to respond to the needs of a population that is increasingly trending toward apartment living, it is one that might be necessary.

Building Lean

Another trend on the rise is that of lean construction. Lean construction is a method of construction developed to minimize the waste of resources that has evolved into the construction industry. This is done through careful oversight of the supply chain and through conscientious project management.

There are three main tenets of lean building:

  • Managing crews effectively so that they are always productive
  • Reducing inventory of materials for cost effectiveness
  • Reducing overall cost

An important facet of lean construction is to do all this safely. Worker safety is a primary goal of the method.

Construction projects looking to make the most of lean building techniques will stand to gain from working with equipment suppliers who can provide a wide variety of equipment, in order to better manage their supply chain.

Waste Management

One thing many industries are turning their focus to in 2019 is effective waste management. We all know that the ecosystem requires careful handling of waste, and people are responding across industries. Construction projects are no different, and in the new year it seems likely that we’re going to see more and more builders dealing with their refuse in environmentally conscious ways!

The construction industry is always changing. 2019 is sure to be a year of growth and evolution for all involved.


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