Have you ever thought in your mind to create an atmosphere in your apartment using a concept of color that you like? This is not a good idea, because there are so many people who design their apartments using the colors they like. And like this time we will give design ideas for apartments that use blue as a design concept.

blue concept
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Apartment Design Concept

When someone will design a room they must want a house to know which apartment they are in accordance with what they expect. There are many designs or concepts and also ways to create an apartment to be more comfortable and the design concept is what you have to do to create a comfortable apartment because if you have determined a design concept then you will find it easier to take the next step in designing a house or apartment.

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Blue Color Concept

As we have said that you can choose many design concepts, but most people choose the concept of color because it is easier for you to apply to the room or apartment that is being designed. You only specify one color that you like or want and then choose a color that matches the base color you choose. For example, you can choose a blue base color and add a little white or black to some of the apartments in an apartment such as colors for furniture or something else.

balue wall art
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Furniture With Blue Concept

You can choose furniture that has a blue color according to the concept you are using or choose the color of the furniture that matches the color blue as the basis for the color of your apartment design.

blue concept furniture
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Decoration With Color Concept

In addition to furniture, you can also do color matching for decorations such as wall art or using decorations that have blue or other colors that match the concept of the blue color of your apartment. And for decoration, you can use various decoration methods or furniture that you want and most importantly you only need to think about the color of the decoration to fit the concept of the color you choose.

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Example of Apartment Design with a Blue Color Concept

It’s not fair if we just give the information without examples that can convince you that the concept of blue is indeed comfortable for you to use. That’s why we give some room or interior decoration of the apartment with the concept of blue.

blue apartment idea
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living room apartment blue
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How? Are you interested in having an apartment with a beautiful blue concept? or do you want other colors as the basic color concept of the apartment that you design? All of that depends on the creativity and desire of your own who has an apartment.



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