The living room is the main room in the house that will be seen by people who visit the house or apartment. Having a comfortable living room is the desire of every family, however, it will be difficult to have a living room in an apartment because of the limited space but with a design and a creativity, you can have a comfortable living room. Here we will help you to realize the dream of having a living room in an apartment with an interesting design idea.


Some families living in urban areas choose apartments as appropriate because they are easier and more economical. The narrowness of urban land is also a reason to own an apartment. There are always shortages and advantages, just as apartments are difficult to design because they have limited space and other problems, but with an idea and creativity now every customer can have an apartment with a comfortable and beautiful design.

Living Room Apartment

The living room is the main room that should have a comfortable design because the room will be used to welcome guests who come to the apartment, therefore has a living room with a comfortable design something that must be owned in the apartment. Most apartments have less space making it difficult to have a comfortable living room within the apartment.

Living Room Design Ideas

Lots of living room designs that you can imitate or use, even though the room you have has a different size than the example we gave, with an idea and creativity you can apply those designs. Well, below we give some idea of the design of the living room that you may like and can be used in your apartment.

Minimalist Design

A minimalist design may be suitable for a living room apartment with a small size of the room, because the concept of minimalism usually has a design that is easy to apply, such as a second image that combines the living room with dining room but still gives the impression of comfort in the living room.

© by Pinterest
© by Pinterest

Modern Design

If you have a large enough room, can use modern concepts as an alternative. These designs typically have the distinctive features of using modern furnishings, and usually, furnishings with modern designs are easier to find and have many unique designs.

© by Pinterest
© by Pinterest

Design Luxury

This luxurious design will give guests a comfortable impression and provide extraordinary comfort, as the furniture in use with the luxurious concept can make your guests comfortable even guests who visit can not suspect that they are in the apartment.


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