The hot area of Dubai, the marina is recalled with its famous beautiful views, tall towers and beautiful yachts standing on the seaside. The area is quite hustle and bustle and gives an urban and modern lifestyle to its tenants. The area also includes the famous Jumeirah beach residence which gives residents beach access throughout the year. No doubt, the community gives you elite and superb class of living, but on the other end it offers a lot of you are living alone or with a family. There are many options of towers to choose from, but the focus is on minimum maintenance fee with high end apartment to live in.  The following article will give you 5 important tips in choosing the best apartment for you:

  • The eye-catching views

If you want to have the view of Palm Jumeirah from your apartment, get a high apartment on marina side and enjoy an elite living. But do ready for high rent, as, in order to enjoy beautiful views, you have to pay a bit higher. You can see the world’s biggest Ferris wheel- Dubai eye from your apartment, if you are located in al bateen.  However there are many properties in the area and more are coming up, so one can not only rely on the view only.


JBR and Dubai Marina has become a crowded place as its one of the tourist’s destination apart from living here. As the population of Dubai is increasing at an alarming rate which has made the area quite busy. In order to choose the apartment for yourself, the final bet is choose a location where you won’t face any sort of traffic jams and can easily move inside and outside of the community. We will suggest murjan in JBR is an ideal one. If you’re Muslim it’s a good option as you can have a nearby mosque to visit. The quality of murjan tower 2 and 3 is also quite high. In the whole area, we suggest the best 6 towers with superb quality such as Sadaf, Bahar, shams, rimal, murjan, and amwaj. If you are interested in Dubai Marina, then opt for botanica, trident grand and al bateen where you won’t encounter any traffic jams. Marina key is quite famous and is better in terms of location as well. If you want a suspicious apartment, then emirates crown apartment is ideal as its 2 bedroom has a size of 2,600 square feet where the average apartments are in the range of 1400 or 1600 square feet.

  • Benefits

Off course living in Dubai Marina and JBR offers perquisites which no other place in Dubai gives. We can see that al bateen is the only property offering a beautiful and full view of the sea, private beach with an alcohol license. In JBR every other tower has a gym and easy access to mosques. Moreover, residents also get 20% in all the nearby restaurants and hotels.

  • Facility Charges

If you want to have minimum facility charges, then see the 6 towers of Emaar whose service rate is aed 13 per square feet. The rates are down because of the strong association of the tenants.  Thus Emaar 6 towers have low service fee to charge the tenants.

  • Other OPTIONS

There are many developments going on in Dubai Marina and JBR, marina gate is one of them which is just at the doorstep of Dubai Marina.  The project is made from 3 towers and gives easy access to Dubai Marina.  If you want to live in totally a new place, then Dubai maritime city is also a good option within the marina.


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