The bathroom is not one of the rooms that should have a special design. but with the development of the era, the bathroom is often made with attractive designs and made as comfortable as possible that end the bathroom has many other functions even a comfortable semen can be a comfortable place of relaxation.

Bathroom Design

To create a comfortable bathroom design is very easy because the equipment in the bathroom is not too much in comparison with the equipment in other rooms, sometimes there is some equipment that can be obtained by package or in a set.

The concept of Minimalism

To create a cosy bathroom is a design you can use a minimalist concept to make it easier to get the equipment, as there is so many cock equipment for this concept. In addition, the colours in use this concept is very suitable for the room.

Design Ideas

As we promised, here we will provide some bathroom design that has a minimalist concept for your reference material so that it can create a design idea of your own, or you can follow one of the following bathroom design.

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Tips for Creating a Comfort Bathroom

In order for you to optimize your design idea, we will give some tips for you to create a more comfortable bathroom for you and your family.


What needs to be considered in designing the bathroom is air ventilation, sometimes some people forget to create air ventilation. This is very important because there are some things that can interfere with bathroom users in between to set the humidity in a room.


It’s also worth noting that in addition to furniture that should match the concept to look good, you also need to pay attention to the placement of the furniture. Because this room will be slippery and can harm the person in the room then you need to present the type and placement of the room not to harm you and your family.

And that’s the information from us, hopefully, with this, you can find an idea to design your bathroom with a minimalist concept. If you want the design of other rooms such as bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, even apartment design you can visit



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