Home is a place everyone needs, every person or family wants a comfortable home to live in. Along with the development of humans a lot of unique concepts that humans create, it is also caused by the way of thinking humans who want a different thing including the residence or home.

5 Houses With Unique Concepts

In this article, we will break off some homes that have a unique concept. in addition to a comfortable home, of course, everyone wants more than that so that some people make a unique home brand according to cool. From some examples of this unique home, a design may inspire you to create a unique homemade by yourself.

1. Mushroom House or Dwarf House

house mushrooms
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Mushroom House or more familiar with Dwarf House is a good concept for those of you who have a house or villa on the edge of the forest. Concepts like this are usually in demand of many fans of fiction films.

2. House Cliff 

cliff house2
© by Pinterest
cliff house
© by Pinterest

The concept of this one house is quite unique. In general, the house is built on a stable soil surface, but this Cliff House has a more advantage that the view towards the sea or whatever is in front of the cliff is really unusual is not it ?. But such a concept requires good planning and a lot of money.

3. Floating House

House floats
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A house with a unique concept like this is suitable for those of you who love the ocean or lake. Above is one example of a floating house that is offered one of the company’s houses that gives a concept like this, but the picture above can also give you an idea to create a Floating House itself.

4. Container House

container home2
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container home
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House with a concept like this many in the current draw. The number of used containers that are not in use gives the idea to build a unique house using material content as the main building materials of the house. Building a house like this to be much in interest because of the rapid development process. Maybe you are interested in living in container ?.

5. Flower House

house flowers
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The house with the latest unique concept is a house surrounded by flowers. For those of you who love this one plant can imitate this one house for you to apply in your home. With a concept like this, you can take advantage of the beautiful colors of flowers to beautify your current home. Quite unique is not it ?.



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