Congratulations on starting a new family. It sure is exciting and terrifying because of all the challenges you face each day! Starting a family is a milestone in itself, so don’t forget to pat on your back for the commitment.

When it comes to buying or owning a house – it is a different ball game altogether. Understandably, you want another room for your toddler to grow and a big dining area so you can accommodate every guest during thanksgiving.

However, take account of a few factors while jumping on the bandwagon. Here are some pointers that can help,

The house’s size

The bigger is always better. However, when it comes to buying a house – a bigger house comes with more financial burdens and responsibilities. Having 5 bedrooms with 5.5 bathrooms sounds great but, you are also required to maintain it accordingly.

If you have the budget and interest, then, by all means, go for it. Don’t even think twice. Though financial constraints can limit your options, you can always find creative ways to funnel it best!

The right agent

House hunting can be a strenuous job when doing it on your own. Find a real estate agent who can take more than half of the load for you. One of the advantages of having them on board is that they come with a variety of offers that you’d rather not get elsewhere.

Sure, they do charge commission – but it is a lot better than taking things up all on your own! Find the right one using the email search tool, It comes along with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account, where finding email addresses becomes a lot easier on the professional media!

The inspection

You’d be very surprised to hear stories from the inspection officers. The house that looks picturesque on the outside becomes not less than a horror movie when examined closely. No strong foundations, rusty pipelines, gas pipe leakages, the list goes on.

Instead of regretting after owning the house, hire an inspector and get your potential home checked keenly. When you know the problem areas, communicate the same with the agent. They will either take care of the matter on their own or reduce the property price. Either way, it is a win-win situation.

The other details

Are the windows east-facing or not? Because if they face east, your house uses less electricity as most of the day you’d have natural light. Similarly, what’s the age of the appliances (if they are included)? Accordingly, you can make the necessary changes.

The proximity also matters. How long is the commute to your office, children’s school or hospital? Does the neighborhood have all the basic infrastructure? These are the questions you need to ask the real estate agent and get answers to immediately.

Final thoughts

Do not get carried away with various looks and offers that come your way. Take the one you’ve envisioned. Along with it, be practical about finances and the house condition as you will be spending quality time in what you call your home!


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