Having access to power and yet traveling light is such a boon when on an extensive road trip. The best portable solar blankets provide ultimate convenience and flexibility, especially when you are traveling. They consist of tiny solar cells coated in durable material and stitched into flexible cloth or canvas that provides the outer backing.

For your blanket to soak up solar rays, spread it on the ground outdoors, drape it over your trailer when stationary, or hang it over an awning. The portable solar cells on capturing the sun’s rays convert them to solar energy. The conversion of sun rays into solar power is possible due to a regulator or charge controller device.

Vital Aspects of a Solar Blanket

Your budget, traveling style, and frequency of use should contribute to your eventual choice of the blanket. When evaluating the best portable solar blankets to invest in, give due importance to the following vital aspects:

Type of Solar Cells Incorporated

Solar blankets that use either amorphous or monocrystalline cells are preferable. Moreover, although monocrystalline cells have a smaller area, they produce amperage similar to amorphous cells. 

Design Features

A practical design with handy features makes it easy to carry the solar blanket while undertaking road trips. For instance, solar blankets with eyelets in every corner secure the blanket on exceptionally windy days. Similarly, in-built chips safeguard your blanket’s longevity by preventing overcharging incidents.

Stainless steel holes and an aluminum frame keep rust attacks at bay. Accessories like Velcro attachment strips, charge controllers, and instruction manuals prove extremely handy and elevate your solar blanket’s conveniences.

Feasible Size

First, understand how much power in amp-hours or watts your appliances can extract from the blanket in a day. You need sufficient power to charge your device batteries and operate your appliances.

Choosing a size of solar blanket that exceeds your requirement is a good idea. Extreme heat and overcast days impact the power the panels embedded in your blanket ultimately generate. 

Why Invest In One?

Investing in portable solar blankets and making them your road trip companion is highly beneficial. The innovative design of solar blankets makes them easy to set up, pack, and store.

Additionally, the solar cells hardly weigh much given they are devoid of glass, and the blankets make them resistant to accidental damage. This lightweight provision scores high on durability and toughness thus, enduring the many challenges of road trips. You are thus saved from the hassle of struggling with heavy solar panels.

Your portable solar blanket is a reliable and essential travel companion. The portable feature allows you to keep all your necessary appliances fully charged when on the move. You can truly enjoy your travelling experience when you eliminate the fear of your power running.

With solar blankets, you make optimum use of natural resources instead of allowing them to waste away. As an avid traveler, you deserve a provision that supplies you with the requisite solar energy as you journey along.

Relying on the inputs of an entity that focuses on delivering affordable solar energy solutions for sustainable living is the best way to travel.


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