Unique and interesting house design can attract a lot of people’s attention. Unique home design can also provide comfort for people or families who live in the house. NextHomeGenerator will give you 5 unique home designs that you may be able to copy, so you and your family can stay in the dream house and feel the comfort in the house.

House design

Home is one of the human needs for a place to live. Good design can affect a person or family to live in the house. Not a few people who have a house with a good design that spend a lot of development costs, but it’s for a comfortable home to live with their families.

4 Unique Home Design

Having a unique exterior design on the dream house is certainly an amazing experience, where there will be many people who pay attention to the house you design or you live in. Therefore we will give you four examples of unique home designs for information or reference materials that are right for you.

Home Gadang

© by Pinterest

This house is one of the traditional houses of West Sumatra Indonesia. In addition to having a unique design for the exterior, this house also has other beautiful designs because this traditional house almost all the walls using wood materials are measured manually.

House Overturned

© by Pinterest

With a creativity, of course, you can create an interesting artwork design, one of these sloping house. The design idea is quite interesting, where not only the interior of this house is upside down, but the interior of this house is also in pairs in reverse. So, do not be surprised if you enter this house by walking on the roof of the house. This house is usually only found in tourist attractions because the design of this house is impossible to live in.

Snail House

© by Pinterest

Surely you know the snail animals that always take their homes with them wherever they go. With the idea and creativity, now you can feel to live in a snails house by designing your house like the above picture. Really interesting is not it? how you are interested in bolt home like a snail’s house.

House of Shoes

© by Pinterest


If you usually use for your feet, now you can feel what it feels like to live in shoes. The house is quite unique, you can feel like living in a big shoe.

Well, where is it? Quite unique is not the designs of the house above ?. With an interesting idea and high creativity, you can create a unique and comfortable home design to live in. Always visit us, because we will always provide various interior or exterior design that will inspire you.


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