Burst pipes are a huge problem so the best idea is to identify the related signs quickly. Prevent the freezing of the pipes and this protects them against bursting.

Identify the signs

There are often warning signs leading to serious damage so identifying them is important. This includes fluctuations in the water pressure or unexplained high water bills is a sign of problems. If you find that there is rusty and discolored water, along with foul smell or puddles forming under the sink, call the plumbers to deal with the issue. The pipes may make clanging noises and you hear it through the walls. This is another sign of serious trouble so be aware. Taking quick actions based on the signs limits any further damage. 

Understand the steps to take when the pipe bursts

Turn off the water to drain faucets

Shut off the water supply first once you recognize the presence of burst pipe situation and quicker detection minimizes water damage. The shut-off water valve is present near the water heater, in basement, or crawl space. Now, drain the water remaining in the pipes to relieve the pressure as this prevents the freezing of additional areas. Flush all toilets and once there is no running water through the house, leaks stop. Based on size and location of leaks, shut off the electricity too. This is critical where water encounters the fuse box or electrical sockets. Turn of the supply valve quickly to limit the extent of water damage in the home.

Find the burst pipe

The next step for those asking what to do if you have a burst pipe is to determine the location of the problem to handle things better. When the leakage has been there for some time, take precautions when entering the rooms. You want to examine the presence of bulging ceilings or other warnings of an existing water damage. Early detection of leakage means that you can put buckets underneath for catching this water. It is necessary to identify the location of the burst pipe as quickly as possible to stem any further damage possibility. When only a small crack is present, repairing it is easier and takes less time. Identify the burst pipe to repair it immediately. With damage to the main pipe careful repair and handling is necessary with the Sydney plumber at the helm for fixing this. Whatever the size and cause of breakage, they are going to handle this effectively.

You need professional help

Most burst pipe situations are difficult to handle so do not consider this a DIY project. There is no alternative to experienced professional handling. When this is near the electrical system or encounters it in anyway, you want to call an electrician too.

Documentation for insurance claims

This is another important aspect according to the plumbers, so before doing any burst pipe repair, the professionals want you to document the problem thoroughly. Take photos of the areas affected immediately and take these from a close range at different angles.


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