1. Overview of vintage bedroom

The bedroom is a room that must be in the house. Then, used for rest, it can function to continue your work and relax while enjoying entertainment. Therefore, many people want to make their bedroom design as beautiful and comfortable as possible.

For those of you who like a trendy design, a vintage room design is perfect for you, and for women, you can design your bedroom with soft colors. Then, if you receive an inheritance, whether in the form of furniture such as rattan chairs or antique decorations such as ancient paintings, don’t let them pile up and become junk. For that, You can use these objects for vintage bedroom designs. With this design, you will feel comfortable while imagining your past. For that, let’s review attractive vintage bedroom designs to be used as your ideas and inspiration.

2. Vintage room ideas and inspiration

If you are one of those people who like the beauty of a room with a vintage style, you can decorate your bedroom with antiques, whether with unique furniture or wall hangings. Designing a room according to your taste, it will make you comfortable in the room and make your sleep more soundly. To make all of that, of course, you need a vintage room design so that your bedroom with vintage design looks beautiful and fun. Therefore, let’s review an attractive vintage design style below

3. Attractive vintage design

We understand that not everyone is familiar with vintage design. Therefore, we want to explain what vintage design is. The vintage design was born in Indiana and always moved from place to place at that time. They decorate the interior of their room more with what it is. At that time, there was not much production of luxury goods like today. But with the development of the times, this design persists and is growing.

Many of them make vintage designs to commemorate their memorable past. By seeing and reminiscing about it, they feel happy. Therefore, for fans of vintage style, collections of antiques such as cabinets, antique wooden tables, clocks, radios, and wall hangings, are well cared for.

4. Some examples of beautiful vintage room design

A beautiful and unique vintage bedroom design will become an idol for almost everyone because this design has its characteristics. Decorating old items and furniture will have its art and uniqueness. Therefore, we want to share ideas to review some vintage room designs complete with antique furniture.

Then, not to be wrong when applying vintage interior decorations for the bedroom, here are some things you need to pay attention to get an expressive vintage-style bedroom atmosphere. For that, let’s discuss the image below. Welcome to our review!

Vintage bedroom interior

You can use a cot with carved wood or a bed with an iron frame to change the appearance of a vintage-style bedroom. Then, the bed frame can be combined with soft pastel colors such as blue or light brown. To add an antique impression, you can choose a white iron frame with a slightly classic and iconic model and shape. Then, you can add antique decorative lights, makeup mirrors, cabinets, and wooden chests as room decorations. With this design, your room will feel more comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to apply motifs

A vintage bedroom can design like a living room. Floral, leaf, and abstract motifs are motifs that are quite often. Then, don’t be afraid to apply motifs. Therefore, you can apply this motif on bedroom walls, lampshades, or pillowcases to bring a vintage impression to the room. Then, to look more attractive, add an antique chandelier, makeup mirror, and bookshelf to your bedroom. That way, you will feel comfortable and at home in the room.

Bedroom design with mosquito net

One of the tricks to create the next vintage-style bedroom is to add a mosquito net on the bed. The bed that characterizes the vintage design is a bed with a simple model equipped with mosquito nets. Therefore, the use of this mosquito net can also give a comfortable impression so that it will make your sleep more sound. To make it look more attractive, you can add decorative lights beside the bed and design the bed floor with wood. That way, your bedroom will look beautiful and antique.

Aesthetic vintage bedroom design

The bedroom is one room where you can do many things other than sleep or rest. Here you can do various other activities such as work, study to do various hobbies. That’s why this private room must be made as comfortable as possible. Then, designing a bedroom is one of the right solutions to make the room atmosphere more beautiful, comfortable, and according to your characteristics and preferences. Currently, there are many types of room designs. Therefore, you can be free to be creative by combining various concepts by designing an aesthetic vintage bedroom.

We know that vintage design is one of the designs that are suitable to be applied in the bedroom because it has a soft, sweet, and aesthetic impression. Then, to look more attractive, you can equip your bedroom with old-fashioned furniture, wall hangings, and antique decorative lights. With this design, you create a beautiful and unique vintage room atmosphere.

Vintage bedroom design with a classic touch

Classic vintage bedroom designs with a touch of floral motifs and combinations with old furniture are the vintage components that can be applied if you want to carry a vintage concept. Then, you can use a chandelier with a classic model and combine it with fabrics that relate to a vintage feel.

Rooms with classic vintage concepts highlight the feel of a European bedroom in the 70s. This concept can also add to the impression of elegance and luxury without looking too much. If you want to look more attractive, you can add a sofa set with floral motifs, round makeup mirrors, wall hangings, and beautiful curtains. That way, it will make the atmosphere of your room seem cute and elegant.

Vintage bedroom design with soft colors

If a classic touch is not your style, then a more feminine style can be your choice. Soft pastel colors like blue, purple, to pink, can be the right color palette to support the vintage concept. Also, combine it with wooden furniture that gives a sweet impression.

To look cool, you can combine it with wooden cabinets and shelves that can give a vintage impression without looking dominant. Therefore, a vintage room with a touch of soft colors can be an appropriate design for your daughter’s bedroom. In addition, this concept can also be applied to a child’s room.

Vintage bedroom design with bed linen

There are some ways to decorate a vintage bedroom. One way is to create a vintage design with floral motifs that still puts forward a cute yet feminine impression. Using floral motifs can also be an option if you want to carry a vintage concept without having to give excessive decorations to all corners of the room. You only focus on the bed linen. Use a floral motif that is closely related to a vintage impression and combine it with white as the dominant color in your room.

To look more attractive, you can decorate the bedroom with vintage mirrors, wall lamps, white nightstands, wall hangings, and floral motif curtains. With this design, your bedroom can make your sleep more sound and quality. Then, you too will be healthy.

Vintage bedroom design with mosquito nets and decorative lights

Beautiful mosquito nets and antique decorative lights on the bed can also be of bedroom decorations that are closely related to a vintage impression. In addition to making the appearance of the room look elegant and soft, mosquito nets and decorative lights can also add a serene and romantic impression.

So, if you don’t like the sweet concept usually highlighted by this design, then using a mosquito net with a clean white color can be the right choice. Also, provide dim lighting that makes the atmosphere of your room warmer and more comfortable. Moreover, coupled with scented candles, your room will be the best spot to relax. But don’t forget to add a bright color floor rug to make it look more beautiful.

Vintage bedroom design in rustic style

Vintage bedrooms always feature a unique and artistic design. Therefore, if you like the vintage impression, you can use old furniture in your bedroom design. In addition, there is nothing wrong with adding a rustic nuance to your vintage bedroom. We know rustic and vintage concepts can blend well because they both rely on ancient and antique impressions.

It’s just that the rustic touch is more focused on the use of old wood accents that are closely related to the United States cottage house. While vintage emphasizes the impression of ancient furniture. Hopefully, this design can provide inspiration to create a comfortable and aesthetic vintage bedroom atmosphere.

Wooden design in vintage bedroom

A little rustic touch The use of brown wood material brings a little rustic or rustic feel to this vintage bedroom design. Wooden walls, hanging decorative lights, and beds that have foam backrests make the bedroom look much more attractive. This gray bed gives a bright look to the bedroom and makes it feel comfortable.

In addition, you can also add ornamental plant flower pots to make it feel fresh. Don’t forget to put a wood motif floor rug to make it look harmonious. With this design, the bedroom design will look aesthetic.

Feminine vintage bedroom

With a shabby chic design and a combination of white, turquoise, and pink, make this vintage bedroom looks bright.
Especially, by making the lighting in the bedroom through large windows equipped with white curtains in the room, allowing light to enter freely into the room. That way, the atmosphere of the room feels warmer and more comfortable. With this color design, your bedroom will look even sweeter.

o look more attractive, you can add an opal mirror, a round white table, a sofa cushion, a work desk, and a minimalist shelf in this place. That way, this feminine vintage room design feels soft on the room. In addition, you can add layered bed sheets in this place and floor rugs to add a classic look to the bedroom

5. Conclusion

Designing a vintage bedroom is a lot of fun because the antiques you put remind you of the past. But if you want to make design a vintage bedroom look aesthetic, beautiful, luxurious, attractive, and fun. We prepare the beautiful bedroom picture like above. We hope this design can be your vintage bedroom idea and inspiration. Happy decorating!


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